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Lucas Raunch explores the nastier side of Lucas Entertainment, the production company run by gay porn star Michael Lucas. Lucas runs one of the top studios in the business, filming the hottest gay porn stars and discovering and bringing us new men from around the world. Lucas Raunch divides its scenes into five themes: cum, feet, pissing, fisting, and sex toys.

All of the scenes come from Lucas Entertainment's line of DVDs. The scenes from 17 watersports DVDs feature men pissing on men and drinking urine; 7 foot fetish titles have men licking, sucking, and fucking feet, as well as a few men in stockings or combat boots; 17 cum DVDs explore blowjob action, facial cum shots, and cum eating; another 17 DVDs feature sex-toy and extreme butt-play action; and 5 fisting titles go all the way with deep handballing action.

Lucas Raunch is slickly designed and I didn't have any problems navigating the site and finding what I wanted. The site is divided into three main areas: Scenes, Movies, and LucasMen. Scenes showcases the individual video scenes, Movies lists all the featured DVDs, and LucasMen displays the nearly 200 men you'll find on the site. You can also search for content by title, model, or category in drop-down menus and another menu gets you to all seven Lucas Entertainment's sites, but more about that later.

Not all scenes on a DVD are immediately available in the member's area, as they roll them out over time. New titles arriving on the site may take a few weeks before all scenes are available, but it seems like most of the back catalogue is fully featured. There are eight titles that have been licensed from Titan Men, but these are full scenes and you're not prompted to buy anything from Titan Men.

Twice a week Lucas Raunch adds a new scene and these are available in three different sizes of streaming MP4s. The standard, high, and HD versions all display in an 850x450 player, but the quality ranges from 1.5 to 6.0 Mbps, although I couldn't verify the actual speeds because these videos aren't downloadable. Lucas Raunch only offers four movie downloads at any given time - this week's and last week's - and when two are added, two are removed. But the site doesn't use DRM, so over time, you could build up a good-sized collection. These are MP4s and play at 854x480 at around 1.27 Mbps, which seems to be the "standard" streaming version.

There are picture galleries of the models appearing on Lucas Raunch. These are digital stills featuring the models in solo, glamour shots ranging from 3 to 24 pictures. There are few action sequences and each model has one gallery of pictures regardless of how many scenes he's filmed. The pictures are 600x900 and heavily watermarked, which you can view individually or in a slide show, but there are no downloadable zips.

There are a couple of things I didn't like about Lucas Raunch. I'd like to see better attention paid to the photo content with more action shots from each scene. The photos are heavily watermarked, not only with the Lucas Entertainment logo but with the models' names, and the DVD title and logo - it's a bit much.

The lack of wider availability of downloadable videos is a downer. You do get a total of eight downloads a month, four at a time. When a production company is still trying to sell DVDs I guess that's how they do things. There is also a live chat upsell on every page for Lucas Cams, but it's out of the way at the bottom of the page.

Lucas Raunch gives you access to the entire Lucas Entertainment site, which features hundreds more scenes. You also get a 20% discount in their store on DVD purchases. There's a blog featuring news and interviews, but it's available to non members. There are a couple of other sites on the navigation bar, like Master Piss Theatre, but this is just a pay-per-view theatre, and since most scenes seem to be available with your membership, you'd just be pissing money into the wind - pardon the pun. There's Live Cams and a Casting area.

One thing that is missing from Lucas Raunch is bareback sex. Michael Lucas vehemently speaks out against raw fucking, so you won't find any of that here, although you will see guys cumming on other guy's faces or in their mouths, and there are plenty of guys licking and eating spunk.

Does Lucas Raunch live up to the raunch? It depends on your definition of raunch. If you're looking for full-on raw fucking, then no. But if you're looking for content that's a little dirtier, with pissing, fisting, foot licking, sucking and foot fucking; guys shoving huge dildos and butt plugs up their asses; and nasty facial cum shots and cum eating, then yes, Lucas Raunch will give you a good dose of nasty sex. Overall I was happy with my visit to this site and the nearly 200 men on Lucas Raunch are some of the sexiest, well-hung men working in gay porn today. If you don't mind mostly streaming content and you like action that's a little more piggy, then Lucas Raunch is worth looking at.

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