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Brendon Marley loves straight cock so he's dedicated his website, Like 'em Straight, to documenting his passion. Since 2003, he's been finding straight guys and getting them to get naked on camera for their first times. The guys are white, regular-guy types, some with unshaved pubes and hairy chests, and some are rough with tattoos and a blue collar look. Many of the amateurs here are in their twenties or thirties, some are smooth-shaven while others have sexy beards. You'll find dicks in all sizes, from average to pretty large, and most cocks seem to be cut.

What kind of action happens in a scene depends on the guy. Most start out with an interview where Brendon asks them the basics, then gets down to turn-ons. The guy gets his cock hard, sometimes through his pants or underwear. Some of the guys are so horny they let Brendon stroke or suck their cocks, others are paired with a buddy and are willing not only to get trade handjobs and get sucked, but some also fuck the other guy on camera. And there are also some amateurs who aren't willing to let another male touch them, and they jerk off on camera after the interviews.

Like 'em Straight has grown to 598 videos thanks to regular weekly updates. The newest videos are also very good quality, and they're offered in several download options: QuickTime, which is sized at 720x406, WMVs at 512x288, MP4s sized at 848x480 plus a smaller size for iPhones and other smart phones. Older videos are a bit smaller and lower in quality, but every video the site offers is available for mobiles. There are also streaming videos offered in multiple qualities, the newest enlarging to full screen well.

Each video comes with a set of pics. These are screencaps, the newer ones are sized at 940x530 at good quality, the older ones at 512x384 at average screencap quality, which is to say fairly poor to amateur quality. Each gallery can be enjoyed as a hands-free slideshow, and you can also navigate from pic to pic. While there are no downloadable zip files, you can save the pictures you like individually.

Like 'em Straight members also get access to Brendan's Basement, a bonus site offering links to several gay feeds. The Special DVD Collection is a good-sized DVD archive that offers streaming videos in wide variety of niches including bareback, big dick, fratboys, and extreme penetration with anywhere from one to over 20 titles per niche. There's also another general feed plus a small but intriguing collection called Brendon's Cock Lab, which is all about straight guys in the doctor's office jerking off and using toys.

Does this site have any issues? Well, there's the unspecified download limit that includes a very confusing bit about video ownership; one thing the terms does specify is that they won't allow you to download all the videos in a single month. I'd rather see specific download limits like 10 gig per day or 25 gig per week, as that makes it easier to avoid going over. Also trial members have a download limit that doesn't allow them to "attempt to download continually" that, if they feel is abused will freeze the trial till it converts to a monthly recurring membership. As already mentioned, the older videos are small and lower in quality, but then they're over 10 years old, so that's to be expected.

Like 'em Straight offers an ever-growing collection of real amateurs, including many straight first-timers, getting naked on camera (some come back over and over, though). There's helping hand and dick sucking action, some guys prefer to go solo, and then there are others who go gay-for-pay and fuck a male ass for their first times ... or second or third times, in some cases. The site now offers 598 videos that can be downloaded, streamed or played on your mobiles, and there's a new episode added every week. Brendon himself is apparently controversial; some people love watching him get some straight cock, others want variety and don't care for his filming style. But the bottom line is Like 'em Straight is one of the few sites that still updates regularly with a fresh video every week offering a new straight guy giving it up on camera.

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