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Kink Video focuses on some interesting stuff - sock and shoe fetish action, trampling and tickling, ass play, bare feet and cock sucking. The men are primarily masculine, and there's a fair number in their 30's and 40's. Expect a mix of regular guys, hunks and tattooed sex pigs with shaved heads and a taste for kink, which makes sense considering the site. You'll also find boot worship, puppy play and lots of rimming in the Ass Play section. And the men doing the rimming are really into getting their tongues deep into those hot male asses.

The videos here really get you into the action. The sock fetish content is a good example. Focusing on sheer dress socks and gold toes, there's enough closeups to get you into the sucking and licking as each man's socked feet are worshiped passionately. And you'll see the reactions of those men as their socked feet are treated to a soft tongue and a warm mouth. The same is true of the other sections, as the camera guys do a great job getting fetishists into the action. And there's no soundtracks to get in the way of the natural sounds, which make the videos all the hotter and more real.

Kink Video offers members 290 full scenes (they call them clips) from 48 DVD titles. The videos are offered as streaming MP4's shown at 630x470, quality varying from poor to average, and the play smoothly and have fairly good sound. Each video pops up on a small page, but enlarging the page won't enlarge the video - you need to click the enlarge icon on the lower right side of the player. Be aware, though, that at full screen you'll notice a definite loss in video quality. Although there's a link on each category page for iPhone users, the videos there did not work for my Android the 2 most recent versions of iPhone or iPod as they do not use the h.264 codec, the only video codec that works for newer Apple portables.

Kink Video says that they add 6 new scenes every Friday, one in each video category, but the second most recent update shown on the tour is dated from 41 days ago. Since it's the only dated updates offered, it's all we have to go by - beside the fact that had the site been adding 6 Scenes per week, it would have a lot more videos by now. Judging by the most recent updates, the site may be adding 6 scenes per month, which is still pretty decent.

In addition to the lack of dates on any of the updates but the second most recent one, what is really holding Kink Video back is the lack of anything beside the videos. There's no scene descriptions, no model index, no stills or vidcaps from each scene. Something else I found annoying is that each DVD title has a trailer and a thumb, and clicking either takes you to the Kink DVD store. One last thing is that the site has an old-school look that's on the clunky side compared to most modern subscription websites, and has no actual member area - just the category list.

Kink Video delivers videos in 6 categories - cock sucking, ass play, SM / BD tickling, boots sneakers, socks and bare feet. The men are definitely into the fetishes here, and obviously really love eating ass, sucking cock, and foot and shoe worship. The site offers 290 streaming videos, and while quality is sometimes below average, the action is really hot - these aren't just guys playing at being into kink. While the site offers weekly updates, it appears that new content is added less frequently. Even though there's room for improvement, the fetish action at Kink Video is well-done enough to make the site worth visiting.

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