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Reviewed by on 14 Mar 2012

69 score out of 100
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Island Studs focuses on amateur guys from - or visiting - Hawaii. They with a natural look; many don't shave their pubes (some do trim) and most have a very casual look you don't see on a lot of sites. There's a mix of surfers, blue collar workers and beach boys, plus a variety of other "regular guy" types from around 19 to perhaps 26 or 27 years old. Most are smooth, although there are also some guys with nice hairy chests, and the builds range from slender to muscular. Some of the guys sport tattoos and some have a sort of scruffy look.

Each shoot offers the model in both indoor and outdoor settings, the outdoor probably in someone's back yard, but has a nice tropical look. The men get naked and hard in the pics, and the videos - which range from 15 to 30 minutes a piece - have some pissing, casual chat between the photographer and the models, plus we get to look over every inch of the guys as they go from stripping to jacking off and shooting their loads.

Island Studs now offers 175 updates, 152 more than it had about 32 months ago, and the site is currently adding a new shoot every 6 to 7 days. The videos are available in both WMV and Quicktime, the newer vids sized at 852x480 at good amateur quality, although you'll notice a little loss of clarity at full screen. The older vids are just a bit smaller, and depending on the age of the video are either amateur or good amateur quality. All the videos are downloadable full scenes that are DRM-free, and there's also streaming videos available in clips.

Each video comes with a set of pics, and I really liked the photos. They're shown at from 396x600 to 700x1060 depending on the set, and are a nice mix of closeups, medium shots and full body shots. Photography is on the good side of amateur, and the pics show off the guys well. All but a couple sets offer 30 photos, and while they aren't offered in zip files, you can right click and save the pics you want to enjoy later. The newer sessions also come with a set of screencaps, handy for previewing the videos.

The site didn't have any real issues - navigation is almost identical to the tour, and everything works. I do with some of the oldest videos were better quality, and some members may be momentarily confused that the link to each shoot's videos is just to the right of the HOME link.

I liked Island Studs. Not only are the amateur guys in this site hot and natural, many with unshaved pubes, but I love the outdoor settings that most of them get naked in. I liked getting a good luck at these amateur asses, and watching some of the guys take a piss during the shoots. The site offers exclusive content, weekly updates, and 174 videos that are downloadable with no DRM. There's no bonus material, but the site has grown to a good size, so if you like the guys on the tour, chances are you'll be pretty happy with the member area. If you love watching real first-timers from Hawaii, including scruffy surfers, all-American cuties and casual amateurs, as they stroke their cocks, Island Studs is definitely worth checking out.

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