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Hot Older Male is one of the original websites featuring mature men between 30 and 60 years old and they continue to be one of the hottest places to watch older men in jack-off and hardcore gay sex action. We haven't review the site since 2009, so it's high time we take another look at this crew of sexy older men and see what's been happening.

The men of Hot Older Male are among the hottest you'll find anywhere and there's quite a variety. You'll find muscle bears with rock-hard, furry bodies, but some smooth ones, too. There are some bears with a few extra pounds, but you won't find many of these with 50 pounds of belly; the men are mostly in pretty good shape. There are lots of grey-haired daddies and sexy grandpas. And you'll also find some admirers in the mix, younger guys in their twenties who enjoy having sex with older men. The men range in age from those twenty-something admirers right up to 60-year-old, silver daddies. And the men are a good mix of established performers like Nick Moretti, Adam Russo, Rocky LaBarre, and Allen Silver, but you'll find that most of these sexy mature men are amateurs that you won't see anywhere else.

Many of these performers do solo jack-off videos, but most of the action in hardcore man-on-man sex with lots of kissing, nipple play, armpit nuzzling, cock sucking, rimming, and ass fucking. Most of the action is in duos, but you'll find some threesomes and a few group sex scenes. Hot Older Male started out as a DVD studio called Pantheon Productions, and Hot Older Male is their web property where they give members full scenes and heaps of photo galleries of the men appearing on the DVDs. But the site also features videos that never made it to DVD, and lately they've been offering web exclusives, which are mainly solo jack-off and audition videos.

The site has 296 videos, which is about 100 more than they had in 2009. Hot Older Male only ever offered streaming videos, but they've enlarged them so that newer videos are displaying at 850x480, although the older videos still play at 640x450. All the streaming videos are available in medium and large formats that adjust the bitrates and picture quality, and newer videos are available in a HD version with fairly good picture quality.

Recently Hot Older Male started offering their newest videos for download. It's hard to give an exact count, but it seems that the latest 150 to 170 movies can now be downloaded. These are available in three sizes of QuickTime and WMV (640x360, 854x480 and 1280x720), but not all the downloadable videos have the HD version, although most do. The site no longer uses DRM.

Hot Older Male offers lots of photo galleries, but it's hard to give you an exact count. There are 178 action galleries, but there are also more pic galleries in each man's profile, and there are 363 men on the site. Some men have one photo set, others have three or four. Older galleries display the pictures at 400x600, but the newer ones offer both low-res pictures at 400x600 and high-res photos at 800x1200 and there are between 15 and 40 pictures per gallery. You can view or save these individually, but there are no slideshows or downloadable zip files.

My biggest problem with Hot Older Male is simply the consistency of the content. Older videos are in one size, newer in another; some videos can be downloaded, others are only offered in streaming; and some videos come with HD versions and others don't. This is a problem that plagues lots of sites that have been around for a long time; as technology changes, so do the sized and formats of the videos. Still, the latest 170 videos or so are offered with good picture quality and in three different sizes and they're downloadable, so that's quite a bit to watch. And if you don't mind some variation in sizes and formats, there's a lot more to watch here in the archives.

Hot Older Male doesn't seem to have a rigid update schedule. They have struggled over the past year with production issues, which meant irregular updates, but they seem mostly to be on track now. In February 2013 they added five new videos, but by the last week of March they only added one, there was also a new one in January, and three in December. In the same time period they added 23 photo galleries. But even during leaner update times there's still plenty to watch in the archives and your Hot Older Male membership also gives you access to Pantheon Bear, which gives you more video to watch. Regardless, the monthly membership at $19.95 is very reasonable.

Hot Older Male is one of my favorite sites, they've consistently offered us some of the hottest mature men you'll find anywhere. The men are mostly handsome, masculine, and come in a variety of sizes and flavours from muscle bears to silver-haired daddies and grandpas. In spite of their irregular update schedule, I still don't hesitate to recommend Hot Older Male. They've made improvements in their video sizes and offer about half of them in downloadable formats. And quite frankly, if you're into older men, there just aren't a lot of choices out there, and Hot Older Male certainly has the very best offering. If you don't believe me, check out the site for yourself.

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