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Ever want to see your favorite celebrities naked? Well, Hollywood Xposed has some of the hottest male celebs around - guys like Taylor Lautner, Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron and Prince Harry, to name just a few. Actors, singers, athletes and all kinds of celebrities caught with their cocks or asses showing plus paparazzi pics, gay kiss footage, shirtless pics, interviews and more.

The member area of Hollywood Xposed starts off with nav links running across the top of the page. Underneath are the latest updated "spotlights" along with a "coming soon" update, and the rest of the page includes celeb rumors, featured videos, most popular celebs, gallery updates and a poll. There are various famous faces on the page including Taylor Hanson, Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Alexander Skarsgard.

The page is clean and pretty easy to use, and the site updates frequently, although as is common with celeb sites, updates are often several pics in each of several galleries. There have been 12 photo updates in the last 12 days, although the most recent one was 8 days ago. There are no dates in the video section, so I can't tell you when new videos were last added.

I decided to start with the Hollywood Xposed videos. There's no way to accurately count them since the video section doesn't have a link to all the videos and while there are currently 544 celebs, some have no videos while some have several or even as many as 10, so I'll play it safe and say 500 or more vids. While most of them are short -- nude celeb videos generally run from a few seconds to just over 2 minutes -- they do deliver the goods. The videos are offered in streaming Flash format and are shown at 720x400. Quality varies a lot, ranging from somewhat blurry pretty good with good sound.

Many of the clips here are taken from movies. There are a number of videos showing straight actors doing passionate gay kisses in movies, as well as interviews where they talk about those kisses or showing some skin in the name of art.

There are videos showing Brad Pitt's ass, Jim Carrey full frontal nudity and there are both full Tommy Lee/Pamela Anderson sex tapes where we can clearly see that Tommy Lee has one big dick. And of course, there are also home movieslike the Ben Affleck's jack off video. There's also a new section dedicated to the men of TrueBlood.

The pics here range from tiny to pretty good sized, and considering the sources it won't surprise you to know that some of the pics are pretty low quality. Others - often the newspaper and paparazzi pics - are okay quality but grainy. And some look pretty good. Pics for each celeb are broken into categories including Fake Photos, All Dressed Up, Showing Skin, Nude Movie Photos, Nude Photos and Full Frontal, and there are cock pics, as well. Some guys also have sections with names like Bulge or Fantasy Photos. You can search the VIP PHOTOS section by name or by category - Actors, TV Stars, Singers, Athletes and Models.

Hollywood Xposed has too many pics to count - well over 5000 of them. Some celebs have only a photo or two, while others have lots. And not all the nude pics are nude, but a good number are. Some are very scantily dressed while others show us the goods. There are full frontal nudes including Antonio Banderas showing his cock, Arnold Schwarzenegger posing and showing the full monty. There's also David Beckham, Daniel Radcliffe and Colin Farrell uncut dick pics and Taylor Hanson sucking cock. Some pics are nude from the rear and show us celeb asses. Some - especially athletes - have cock slip pics. And some show us the guys wearing bathing suits or towels.

There's also the CELEB DIRT section. This is like a blog but all about male celebs, nudity and sex. Johnny Knoxville talks about his cock, Zac Efron tells how he likes to do love scenes, and Alexander Skarsgard tells us that he does nude scenes without using a cock sock. Want to read about how the Twilight saga's Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattison almost kiss or David Boreanaz toe fetish? Then this is a must-see section of the site.

It's worth mentioning that Hollywood Xposed relaunched again, so there have been some changes, but the site is also definitely better organized now.

The site does have a couple issues. The WATCH MORE VIDEOS NOW links lead to pay per view, and there are ads scattered around. Also I was disappointed there's no way to know when or how often new videos are added. I was also disappointed that there's no way to browse videos only - except for the most popular, highest rated, featured and newest videos, one must browse by celeb, which means some guys you browse don't have videos at all.

While Hollywood Xposed isn't a huge site, it is pretty big. And I admit that the curiosity factor is strong here. I found myself looking not only at my favorite stars but even at celebs I've never considered before. Somehow after looking at Shia Labeouf, Brad Pitt, Daniel Radcliffe and Don Johnson, I found I was unable to keep from checking out Donald Sutherland and a few nude pics of Sean Connery. The site adds new pics approximately weekly or more often, although there's no way to know when or how often new videos are added. I loved the Celeb Dirt section, too. The bottom line - there are plenty of male celebrities inside Hollywood Xpose caught with their pants down and lots of real Hollywood scandals!

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