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I've long wondered why no one has produced a reality gay porn site in the style of Big Brother. Given the popularity of watching other people living their lives, wouldn't throwing in some real sex guarantee a runaway hit? Hollywood 201 is a new porn site that comes the closest I've seen to the reality TV model, and yes, there's sex.

Hollywood 201 is subtitled "Real life ... just way more gay." Ashton Rush, Jayden Ellis, Jae Landen, Brice Carson, Kayden Daniels and Preston Andrews are the principal players, although there are a handful of others who flit in and out of the house. The guys are opinionated with big personalities, and when you get this many drama queens in one house, there's bound to be trouble, antics, yelling, and yes, even pushing and shoving, especially when they start sleeping around.

I'm not sure of the actual format of the show, i.e. if guys are voted out of the house, because Hollywood 201 doesn't give us much info and the videos I watched didn't give any clues. There are 12 episodes, which they consider a season, but an episode is made up of several segments. Let me explain. "Episode One - Kain & Jayden Take a Shower" gets things off to a bang with Kain Lanning and Jayden Ellis swapping head in the shower, then Kain fucks Jayden. There's POV filming during the blowjobs and a stationary camera outside the shower records the fucking.

"Episode One - Rushing" introduces us to four guys who jump right into the drama. They each talk to the camera à la Big Brother's confession booth, filling us in on the latest goings-on. Brice Carson and Ashton Rush have been hooking up all through the first week, then Ashton goes gaga for Caleb Coniam, and the trash talk soars into the dramasphere. You get the idea.

"Episode One - Lizard?" has Brice Carson doing some singing, there's a kitchen debate over the content of Kool-Aid, Jayden Ellis and Kain Lanning have a dramatic fight after their drunken shower session, and Brice Carson and Krys Perez practice a dance routine and end up in a full-on brawl.

Between the main episodes there are lots of short one or two-minute clips like one with four of the guys sitting at a bus stop heckling people in their cars; one guy catches another smoking in a second video (apparently he had been denying it); a third clip has Brice Carson defending his girlish wardrobe; and a fourth sees the guys trying to pick air freshener at the store. Typical earth-shattering stuff.

There are 83 videos on Hollywood 201, but only 23 of them are between 10 and 30 minutes long, there are some videos are between five to ten minutes including a two-guy jerkoff session, and over 30 of the videos of them are only a minute or two. Only 14 of the videos include sex; the rest are interview reels or short clips of antics like when a couple of guys draws on a sleeping guy's face with Sharpies or the other scenarios I just described.

You can stream the Hollywood 201 videos in three or four speeds - medium, high, HD and sometimes super-sized HD - and they play well. The quality is decent considering they're using hand-held cameras with lots of moving from guy to guy. The smallest size streams at 640x358 (good for most mobiles) and the HD version is 1280x720, the super-sized HD even bigger at 1600x898. You can download the videos, too, and again, they're offered in three to four sizes ranging from 480x270 to 1920x1080, but that largest size isn't available every time. The videos are encoded so they play on your desktop, laptop tablet or cell phone. While many of the videos are good quality, the sex scenes have an amateur look and feel, as if we just popped into the bedroom on one of the house cams.

There are 43 picture sets. Some offer average to good amateur quality digital stills displaying at 562x1000. Also the sex scenes and some of the short clips have screencap galleries with as many as 200 pictures each. You can view the pics in thumbnail galleries or save the pictures individually or download a zip file. There are no slideshows offered.

The nice thing about Hollywood 201 is that it's a part of larger network of 11 bonus gay porn sites and several bonus sections, and full members get access to them all. Altogether you get a total of 1,987 videos and galleries (remember the site counts them together), and there are another 403 DVD videos with a variety of guys in a section called Bonus Videos.

Athough Hollywood 201 launched recently, at this point it finished what it calls a season and hasn't added any content in just over three months. While it's possible they'll launch another season at some point, as far as we know at this time, the site has stopped updating.

Let's talk about other issues. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page for a second recurring site membership, but it's easy to opt out of it. If you buy a trial membership you'll have limited access to the site's content; you can watch no more than 10 videos (less if you buy the three-day trial) until your membership recurs. Once inside the member area, expect ads blinking at you from all sides -- I counted six ads on the homepage alone, one of which is a full sized trailer at the top of the page. One final caveat: Hollywood 201 lists picture updates and videos separately in the Videos section, so the site's stated video count is inflated a bit.

I give Hollywood 201 full marks for creating something completely different. Some of the clips are fun and silly, some offer up masturbation or gay sex, still others are content only a reality show fan could love, but it's all entertaining. The sex videos really do feel like we had popped into a bedroom without the guys knowing we were there. The sex felt natural and unrehearsed and was quite titillating, but I wish there were more of it. I also wish that the site hadn't stopped updating. Still, if you like reality TV and you're looking for something unique, Hollywood 201 might be up your alley. And with 11 bonuses and even more bonus videos, you don't have much to lose here.

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