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Hard Brit Lads launched in 2010, the site hadn't been open very long so it got a lukewarm review. The site looked promising with their athletic and hung British guys, and the site has grown a lot, adding new horny guys and increasing their video offering. There's also been some changes, so let's head back inside and take a fresh look.

The guys on Hard Brit Lads are a good mix of guys mostly in their twenties, with a few are in their early thirties. They range in body types from slender and twink-like and scally lads to athletic guys with nicely defined bodies to full-on muscle men, men who spend several hours a day in the gym. I enjoyed the variety of performers, including a nice array of both smooth and hairy bodies and some wearing quite a bit of ink. There are lots of big dicks here, and most of the guys are packing uncut cocks. You'll find some of your porn favorites like Paddy O'Brian, Justin King, Harley Everett, Scott Hunter, the massively hung Steven Prior and Drew Brody, but there are a lot of amateur guys and newcomers to gay porn, as well.

Almost all the guys start off in sports shorts and tank tops (wife beaters); some are bare footed, others wear athletic socks. Hard Brit Lads alternates between a solo jack off video one week and a hardcore sex scene the next. There's lots of blowjob action and it's hot watching some of the performers trying to stuff very large hard-ons down their throats, but it's even more fun seeing them struggle to take these big dicks up their asses. There's quite a bit of dildo action on the site, mostly in solo scenes, but not always. And when the sucking and fucking is all done, the guys spray their cum loads all over each others' bellies, chests and quite often their faces.

The only thing I found lacking with the action was more foreskin play, but this is typical for European sites. I also think Hard Brit Lads could go a little further with the sports niche; since the guys are mostly wearing shorts, wife beaters, athletic socks, and sneakers, it'd be hot to have some locker room or shower action, but the guys mostly suck and fuck on a couple of different couches.

Hard Brit Lads has grown to 363 full scenes. The vids are exclusive, and are offered in DRM-free MP4 format to stream; you can watch them in a high-bandwidth version at 908x510 or a low-speed version at 590x345. Hard Brit Lads doesn't have full streaming servers, so to utilize the fast-forward feature you will have to wait for the entire video to load. Each movie page also offers you a "related scenes" section that usually features more of a model's additional appearances on the site but sometimes just other similar types of guys.

The site also offers 363 photo sets of good quality digital stills. They range in size from 442x660 to 620x920 depending on the age of the session. Some galleries have as few as 30 photos, others as many as 250. Each video has a matching gallery, but you cannot access it directly from the video page; you'll find them under the photos section. You can, however, access the corresponding video from the photos page. Photos are presented in thumbnail galleries with a download zip link for each full set. You can view photos individually in a slider that lets you easily move ahead and back, but there's no hands-free slideshow.

Unfortunately the site has some issues. First, the site has just announced that it will no longer be updating, although luckily there's enough content to keep members pretty busy. There's a pre-checked offer on the join page that, if left checked, will sign you up for another site membership when you join this site. Trial members get only limited access - if you want access to everything, you'll need a full membership. I also found the search engine didn't work well; for instance, I could find "skinheads" but no "bald" guys. And while I was browsing on the tour, a pop-up appeared to get you to sign up for the site mailing list, but it was easy enough to close.

Hard Brit Lads is one of my favorite sites. I love guys with well-defined bodies and uncut cocks, so I'm usually pretty happy with their offerings. And as a committed bottom, I'm particularly revved up by watching other cocksuckers struggle with some of the big dicks they're paired up with, and some of the tops get pretty aggressive with hands pushes heads down on their huge cocks or vigorous throat fucking. And Hard Brit Lads has a nice rhythm of bringing back some of my favorite guys, but not so much so that I'm saying, "Oh, him again." Despite the recent announcement that the site will no longer be updating, Hard Brit Lads offers members 363 videos, so you'll have lots of sweaty action and uncut cocks to check out.

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