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Reviewed by on 10 May 2013

67 score out of 100
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Guys in Sweatpants used to be an amateur site where guys could post pics of themselves in sportswear à la Guys with iPhones. The site was always run by gay porn star Austin Wilde, but after his contract with Next Door Entertainment ended, Wilde turned Guys in Sweatpants into a membership site with full-on gay sex scenes. Together with his real-life lover, Anthony Romero, the two film themselves having sex with other amateurs and performers, but Austin and Anthony don't appear in every scene. The site opened in February 2013, so let's head inside and take a look how it's going.

Austin Wilde is a sexy bald and bearded man with a strong, masculine body, an 8-inch, cut cock and some body hair - he's really against guys shaving their bodies. He loves making out, eating ass, and usually tops in anal sex. Funnily enough, a couple of years ago, Anthony Romero was an Austin Wilde fan, and after some chatting back and forth, Austin convinced Anthony to do a scene with him. They eventually became lovers and earlier this year collaborated on Guys in Sweatpants.

The other performers on the site are a mixed bag of amateurs and porn performers. Some of the amateurs are fans or buddies of Austin or Anthony or they're newcomers looking to break into the business. The remaining guys on the site are well-known gay pornstars like Mitch Vaughn, Rod Daily, Tate Ryder, Troy Daniels, and Landon Conrad. The men all have fit, athletic bodies and some - like Rod, Mitch, and Landon - are much more muscular. Of the site's 19 videos, Austin Wilde appears in 8 of them and Anthony Romero is featured in 5.

Austin Wilde says on the site that he wanted to create a place that features lots of hot, fun, real sex. I checked out a scene with Ben Driver and Tate Ryder to see if it lived up to the site's claim. Like all the videos, this one opens with Austin Wilde talking to Tate Ryder in the bathroom and Tate says, "I hear there's a big uncut cock in the room today", then he recounts the story of how he discovered that he really liked foreskin dicks. Wilde talks to Ben Driver and they discuss his huge cock, which is about 10 inches, and Austin tells Ben that he really wants him to fuck Tate hard and see if he can get the bottom to beg him to stop.

I really liked the interview part of the video because they were short and fun (only 3 or 4 minutes in total) and they weren't the usual boring questions like "How did you get started in gay porn?" I felt more like Austin, Tate, and Ben were buddies and they were just talking. The sex was hot with lots of kissing, touching, hole fingering, cock sucking, and of course, Ben did drill Tate with his huge cock. Did he make Tate beg him to stop? I'm not telling, but good lord, Ryder was completely drenched in cum when this scene was over.

The videos on Guys in Sweatpants are offered in two downloadable sizes (1280x720 and 1920x1080) in MP4 format. They downloaded quickly and both played well on my computer. There's a streaming version as well, and it plays at 960x540; it was crisp, well-lit, and played smoothly. There are 19 full scenes on the site (Guys in Sweatpants only opened at the beginning of February 2013) and they have consistently been adding a new scene every week.

Each episode has two galleries of pictures - one of digital stills and the other screencaps. The digital stills display at 800x1208 and the screencaps at 1920x1080. They're good quality and play in a slideshow viewer, but you have the option of turning off the slideshow. There are no downloadable zip files and the picture viewer doesn't allow you to save the photos.

As far as negatives, there aren't many. One, really - a pre-checked email offer on the join page. Because the site is so new, there's not a lot of content yet, but what I did find was high quality and lived up to the hot and fun claims on the tour. Had I paid for my membership, I would have been happy with the offering; obviously I'd like more, but what I saw turned me on. The situation with not being able to save the pictures easily is a bit of a bummer, but it wasn't a deal breaker.

The problem with most solo gay porn star sites is that having one's own site sounds great until the performer realizes how much time, effort, and money they take, and that's when the site generally starts having update issues. But Guys in Sweatpants is doing a number of things right: Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero appear in enough scenes to keep their fans happy, but they also film other guys having sex; there's a good mix of amateurs and stars; the guys do the filming and editing themselves, and Wilde has become an avid and talented film editor; and they're updating the site consistently. I'm a fan of Guys in Sweatpants, the sex was hot and fun and didn't feel rehearsed. Given some time, this site is going to be a great destination for lovers of good-quality gay porn and hot men - Guys in Sweatpants is off to a bonerific start.

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