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Guys in Sweatpants is run by gay porn star Austin Wilde who started the site after his Next Door Entertainment contract ended. Guys in Sweatpants was an amateur site where guys could post pictures of themselves in sportswear, but for the past three years it's been a membership site with full-on gay sex scenes. Austin and his then real-life lover Anthony Romero filmed themselves having sex with other amateur guys and performers, but since they broke up, Wilde has been running the site by himself. There have been a few changes since our last review two years ago, so let's head inside and take a look.

Austin Wilde is a sexy bald and bearded man with a strong, masculine body, an eight-inch, cut cock, and some body hair. He loves making out, eating ass, and he usually tops in anal sex, but he does bend over for the right dick. In the latest dozen scenes, Wilde has appeared in three of them, topping in two and bottoming in one, so as you can see he's mostly behind the camera.

The other performers on the site are a mixed bag of amateurs and porn stars and regulars. Some of the amateurs are fans or buddies of Austin's or they're newcomers looking to break into the business. The men all have fit, athletic bodies, some much more muscular than others; there are also a few who are a little on the twinky side. The guys are a mix of smooth or hairy, tattooed or not, and cut or uncut. Many of the guys are white, but there are quite a few black and Latino studs, too. There are quite a few well-known gay pornstars like Will Braun, who appeared here before snagging his MEN.com exclusive contract; then there's Dylan James, who went on to Lucas Entertainment; you'll find Colton Grey, Colt Rivers, Darius Ferdynand, Brett Beckham, Dylan Knight, and Dominic Santos from Randy Blue.

The videos usually start off with Austin talking to the guys in the scene, just a couple of minutes of getting to know them or maybe a funny story of a missed flight or too much to drink the night before. I liked these interviews because they were short and fun, and they steered clear of the usual boring questions like "How did you get started in gay porn?" These feel like a bunch of buddies just talking. The sex is hot with lots of kissing, touching, hole fingering, cock sucking, and of course, fucking. The site started off with condom sex, but quite a while ago switched to mostly bareback action.

Most of the scenes are filmed in Wilde's bedroom or living room, although there are a few outdoor sessions when Wilde takes a couple of guys out to the desert or off on a camping trip. And the majority of videos feature duos, but there are a half-dozen threeways and a handful of solos.

There are 183 full scenes inside Guys in Sweatpants. The videos are offered in two downloadable sizes (1280x720 and 1920x1080) in MP4 format, and the smaller vids should play on newer mobiles. There's a streaming version, as well, that plays at 960x540 and they're crisp, well lit, and played smoothly. The site auto-selects the best of six speeds for your connection, but if you're finding the picture quality isn't to your liking, check to see if there's a higher quality version available.

Each episode has one or two galleries of pictures - either a set of digital stills, a set of screencaps or both. The digital stills display at 800x1208 or up to 1096x1600 at good amateur quality, and the screencaps are sized at 1920x1080 at decent amateur quality. Pictures display in a viewer with a slideshow link and arrows for pic-to-pic navigation. There are no downloadable zip files, but you can use the download link in the player to save photos individually.

The site has a Basic free membership that gives you access to free live cam shows, then there are two paid Premium memberships that give you downloads, unlimited streaming, free cam shows, members-only cam shows, and discounts on tokens; there's also a lower-priced membership called Plus that only gives you streaming videos. While the membership options are straightforward, the site features aren't.

There have been no updates in a couple months, so it appears the site has stopped updating, at least for now. The site's Cam page is blank - it appears that members don't get access to past live shows, and there's no sign that there will be any future live shows. The blog also hasn't updated in a couple months, and the fan section says it's been disabled.

As far as other negatives, there are a few. Downloads used to be a lot quicker, but it took as long as 12 minutes to download the largest sized video, and you can only download one video at a time. There's a pre-checked email offer on the sign-up page. Finally, when Austin Wilde appears in a scene he often uses a stationary camera, so there aren't as many angles and close-ups as when he's behind the camera filming.

Guys in Sweatpants is doing some things right. Austin Wilde appears in enough scenes to keep his fans happy, and he's filmed a nice mix of fresh faces, newcomers and porn stars, and although the site started with condom-only sessions, the newer vids include plenty of barebacking. The now offers 183 exclusive, good quality videos to download, stream, or watch on newer mobiles plus each session has two sets of pics. Unfortunately updates have stopped; not only site updates but the blog, as well. The sex is hot and fun and doesn't feel rehearsed or scripted, though, which still makes Guys in Sweatpants well worth visiting.

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