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Gay Asian Camz is up for review today and this is a follow-up visit to our original review after the site was launched. The performers are smooth Asian twinks with uncut cocks. They come from Southeast Asia, probably Thailand. There is some variation when it comes to skin tones, but most of the guys have the same fit and slender body type and of course the same Asian features, such as dark eyes and very dark hair. While the title of the site may suggest live guys on cam, what you get here are amateur guys jerking off in home-made videos. There are no live webcam boys or recorded webcam shows, even though the site tries to simulate exactly that in some of the videos.

The guys strip naked, play with their bodies and jerk off. Quite a lot of them use their fingers or a sex toy, such as a dildo, on their asses. I know this sounds just fine, but in my opinion the majority of the guys lack passion and quite a few had problems staying hard, too. The videos have no or very little sound, which doesn't really help to make the videos more vivid and entertaining. To be fair, real amateurs aren't porn stars, and tend to be quieter and sometimes can be shy on camera.

Gay Asian Camz has been around for a little while now, and it currently offers 22 DRM-free videos, 8 more than on our original visit. The videos are available for download in two sizes of MP4 files, the largest offered in full HD at 1920x1080. Some of the videos are a bit pale, but overall they are of good amateur quality. In case you prefer to watch the videos online, you can use the Flash-based video player that shows the streaming MP4 videos at a size of 640x360. You can also enlarge the video player to full-screen mode, but expect a loss of sharpness and quality.

Gay Asian Camz is part of the CJXXX network. Members get full access to the entire network, which means you will get access to 24 more sites of which seven of those have an Asian theme. They had promised that more gay sites would be added to the network soon, and there are three more since launch. Additionally, members also get access to 60 video feeds, which play a select amount of scenes from popular sites like Jake Cruise, Falcon, and Treasure Island Media. There is a link to a webcam area, but you will need to purchase credits to make full use of this service, so I wouldn't call it an extra.

The site has a few issues that are worth noting. First, when you login, you will need to select the Gay Asian Camz site in the dropdown or you'll be wading through content from the entire network. Second, the claims on the tour and sign-up page actually refer to the CJXXX network and not specifically to this site. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that non-recurring memberships cost $20 more than a recurring membership. There are no picture sets or model profiles. While not really an issue, the auto-translations might put a smile on your face.

Gay Asian Camz features Asian amateurs jerking off in front of their camera. While the guys are quite good looking, they sometimes lack some enthusiasm, which is sometimes the case with real first-timers. The site hasn't been around that long, so it's not surprising that one of the things it needs is more growth. At this moment, there are 22 videos that can be downloaded or streamed, and the smaller versions should play on newer mobiles. There are weekly updates, but I was disappointed that there are no images or model profiles. The site is part of the a bigger network with 24 more sites and 60 video feeds, and it's all yours to explore as a member. Since Gay Asian Camz is still fairly new, it's not surprising that the site is on the small side but the network adds value for members, particularly as it offers several more Asian sites.

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