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Foot Friends is a male foot site that delivers twinks, jocks, hairy men, hunks, executives in suits, some porn stars, and regular amateur guys in male foot fetish sessions. The models range from 18-year-olds to men their thirties, but most fall in their twenties. The action varies: some get naked and jerk off with the soles of their feet in front of the camera; others play with and stroke their own feet or suck their toes, and there are tickling and foot worship sessions. There's always a focus on the guys and their feet, sometimes socked or sometimes in shoes that are pulled off - there's plenty of bare male feet as well.

The guys who run Foot Friends are foot lovers themselves, and they know how to shoot their pics and videos to show off the guys and get them comfortable while revealing their sexy feet. Sometimes that means capturing well-groomed feet with smooth toenails, but other guys have sweaty feet that are rougher. The action is shot just right because feet are what turns on the guy behind the camera. And that's something that sets this site apart.

The videos are offered in five categories: Footboys (75), Footmen (51), Tickling (135), Socks (8), and Shoes, Boots & Sneakers (2). The Footboys are generally guys in their twenties ranging from slim to athletic bodies, and quite a few fall into the jock category. Footmen tend to be older guys in their late twenties or thirties, but I saw quite a few jocks here, too. And Tickling features guys restrained (usually with leather wrist straps) who have to endure a full-body tickling session. Each section also has picture galleries with Footboys, Footmen and Socks having over 200 galleries each.

There are currently 271 videos offered in streaming QuickTime format. The newer videos play at 640x480, the oldest ones at 320x240. They are fairly good amateur quality or better, partly depending on lighting, with good sound so you can hear the guys laughing in those tickling sessions. Only the newer videos are available for download, sized at 960x540, 640x480 or 320x240 depending on the age of the session. Most of the videos are available as full scenes, but longer sessions are split into a couple of parts, and regardless, the scenes are also available as clips. Sometimes the full scene is offered for download, but not always. The very oldest videos can only be streamed, and sometimes (but not always) a download can be purchased. A couple of the videos on the home page are actually from another foot fetish site, and they're teasers to get you to purchase another membership.

Now let's look at the pics. There are 767 picture sets containing mostly good amateur quality digital stills ranging from 465x700 to 480x640. The pictures are good selections showing the guys clothed and most times fully naked; they often start off wearing shoes, socks or sandals and are usually completely barefoot by the end. The pictures are big enough to let you see details down to the toenails and slight callous on the heels as well as hairy toes or tops of feet and soft soles, and there are plenty of close-ups. There are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, but you can navigate from pic to pic and save the photos you like.

Let's talk about issues. The site states on the join page that it doesn't update regularly; and while none of the videos are dated, Foot Friends has only added five videos since our last review in 2012, so it seems safe to say that the site stopped updating. The join page offers a "90-Day Deal" but in the description says that it's for 180 days, however it is listed as 90 days on the biller's page. Only the newest videos are available for download; some, but not all, older scenes can be purchased. The site's navigation requires extensive use of the browser's back button.

The videos are broken into clips of a few minutes each, and a full scene might have as many as six to nine clips. When downloads are offered, full scenes are only sometimes available, otherwise you'll have to watch the clips one after another to view an entire scene. Second, sometimes longer videos are cut into two parts, then each part is segmented into shorter clips. Third, Chrome has stopped supporting the plugin this site uses to stream videos; Firefox requires you activate the QuickTime plugin, but at least it works; I couldn't play the videos in Edge, Microsoft's newest browser introduced with Windows 10, but there was an option to open the video in Internet Explorer, and that allowed me to stream the video in Windows Media Player.

Foot Friends delivers exclusive gay and male foot content and features plenty of hot guys from twinks to hunks. The videos are fairly good quality or better and fun to watch, although not all are available to download. The pics are also good stuff, showing off the models and their feet to perfection. There is no filler at all -- everything on Foot Friends is for lovers of men's feet produced by foot fetishists. And while the site no longer updates, there's still over 700 pic sets plus 271 videos here to enjoy as long as you don't mind a mix of downloads and streaming videos in clips. Still, if you love feet, you're going to like the variety of men, including heaps of amateurs, in a mix of foot play, masturbation and tickling sessions.

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