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GayDemon reviewed East Boys on 14 Jan 2015

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For years East Boys has focused on Eastern European boys, mostly twinks, average guys and jocks between 18 and 25. They're all over the map as far as looks and cock sizes go; some of the guys are cute, some are average and some are totally gorgeous. Expect a mix of slender, athletic and some more muscular models, most of whom have smooth, creamy bodies. And not only are there plenty of "boy next door" types, there are some big dicks here, as well as some that aren't as big; most of the guys here have juicy uncut cocks, always a plus.

The more recent updates focus more on jocks or what you might consider "muscle twinks". Some are very well-built, obviously spending time lifting plenty of weight at the gym, yet many are still very cute and boyish, with smooth and muscular bodies. While the site in the past has focused on twink sex and masturbation in the past, more recently we've been seeing a mix of flexing, helping hand and muscle worship, where a well-built jock flexes while his muscles are stroked and played with by an enthusiast. The performers also stroke their own cocks, through pants and uncovered.

Go back to the older videos and there's a mix of solo and gay sex action with plenty of 18 to 25 year old boys sucking and fucking. You will find outdoor and semi-public nudity and masturbation, not to mention guys in the shower or even some pissing. And there's still lots of outdoor and semi-public flexing and guys playing with themselves,.

East Boys offers members about 920 DRM-free videos, and while updates aren't always on the same days of the week, updates are added every 1 to 3 days, and there have been 15 videos added in the last month. The videos here are offered in WMV, QuickTime, AVI, as well as MP4s for mobiles. The newer vids are good amateur quality, and are sized at 1280x720, the MP4s sized at 320x180; older videos are sized at 640x480 at fairly good amateur quality, the MP4s sized at 320x240. All videos are available as both full scenes and clips, and all the formats are also available in streaming versions, the older vids having Flash as a fifth streaming format.

There are also 812 picture sets available. The pics are digital stills, the newer sized at 1200x1600 at good quality, the older a little narrower at good amateur quality, although sometimes the older pics are just a touch grainy. As the pics progress from older to newer, the photography improves, too. All pic sets can be enjoyed as hands-free slideshows, and the pics in each set are available to in 3 sizes which can be viewed online, and each size can also be downloaded in separate zip files.

While I like what this site has to offer, there are a few things worth mentioning. The join page claims that the site offers over 2200 videos, but that's true only if you count the segmented clips as full videos. The DVD link in the menu doesn't lead to DVDs, and the NEWS/BLOG link leads to a page that's blank where the news and blog posts should be. Search results weren't great - I searched "uncut" and got 15 results; considering this is a site packed with European guys, I am 100% sure that there are more than 15 models sporting foreskin. I also tried the categories on the advanced search page, but none of them offered any results. While there's a model index, none of the models' profiles are filled out.

There were a few issues regarding the videos, too. There is a 10 gig per day download limit, and while that's a generous limit, if you go over you'll find access blocked for a day. Some videos are broken into 2 updates; not only does that mean you'll need to download both parts to have a full update, but also sometimes part 1 of a video doesn't include nudity. Also a few of the videos are only trailers released before the update is added, and these trailers are still listed in the video listings, possibly to inflate the video count.

One last thing is that when an video is broken into 2 updates, they're not added one after another. You may get part 1 of one video, then the next update is part 1 of a different video, then part 2 of a third video. That means that if you are waiting for the second part of a particular video, you may have to wait for several updates.

East Boys delivers some of the hottest and horniest 18 to 25 year old twinks and jocks in Europe, just like they have been since 2006. There are over 900 videos and 800+ pic sets, and there's an update every 1 to 3 days, although sometimes a video update will be only half of a full scene. The videos are downloadable and DRM-free or you can stream them, and there's a format to fit every player and most mobiles, as well. This is a smorgasbord for those into Euro boys and uncut cocks, and recently there's been a lot of muscle worship videos and handjob videos to keep members busy. I really like what East Boys has to offer - particularly the guys - and I look forward to my next visit.

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