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Deep Smashed ATL is a brand new site that features amateur black guys in horny bareback, group, blowjob, and solo JO action. The videos are filmed in POV (point of view) style and often don't show anyone's heads, let alone faces; in fact, the subtitle of the site is "Faceless Anonymous Freaks." And while not all the guys are from Atlanta, this is a mostly local site.

It's hard to tell you much about the guys because we never see above their shoulders, but the site does ask applying performers to be in "fit or in decent shape." The guys are mostly black, but there are a few white guys and Latinos, and they're in good shape. My hunch is that the guys are in their twenties, maybe some in their thirties, and the bodies are slender with athletic builds and mostly smooth. The cocks come in all shapes and sizes from long ones to average-sized thick ones and everything in between

Deep Smashed ATL has five categories for their videos: 1on1's (One on One), Groups & Gangbangs, Blowjobs & Gloryholes, Public Sex, and Solos & Handjobs. All of the action is filmed below the shoulders, so you won't see any faces, and in the case of the blowjob scenes, while the cocksucker's head is in view, he's wearing a balaclava. When it comes to the fucking, it's all bareback and either filmed POV by the top or another guy, and the two men usually swap back and forth with topping and filming duty. As well, the videos have a homemade feel rather than being produced in a studio.

"Outside Patio 3some" has a bottom down on all fours; he's wearing an Addicted jockstrap and the top is filming as he pumps this big beautiful ass with his great big dick. There's another top off to the side who eventually gets his turn while the first top takes over holding the camera. One guy films a cocksucker blowing him in his car, another fuck session takes place in an adult theater, and still another in a laundry room. There were 11 duo bedroom sex scenes, but there were also 21 threeways and foursomes in the Groups & Gangbangs section, 10 videos in Blowjobs & Gloryholes, and only three of them aren't filmed at a gloryhole. A few of the videos appear in more than one category, though, for instance, "Outside Patio 3some" is in both the Groups and Public Sex categories.

While I wasn't thrilled about the men not showing their faces, the close-up blowjob and fucking action can be a real turn-on to watch. I found it repetitive after a while, but if you like cock-in-hole close-ups and especially seeing cummy butt holes, there's a lot of that here. And in those group scenes, these tops don't mind sloppy seconds and sliding their bones into a cum-filled asshole for their turn.

There are 95 videos spread across the five categories. The videos are DRM-free MP4s that can be watched in a streaming player at around 600x336. There is a full-screen mode and the videos fare pretty well, although how well depends on the individual video. There's no download button, or any download instructions at all, but if you right-click on the streaming player while the video is playing, you can save it to your hard drive. The downloadable MP4s comes in a variety of sizes from 640x360 to 1280x720, and they're amateur to good amateur quality with decent sound. The downloadable vids are compatible with many mobiles, although the ones offered at 1280x720 will be too big for older phones. There are no photo galleries here.

The site opened in late summer 2015, and while the episodes are dated and the site offers weekly updates, they don't seem to be sticking to their specific schedule so far. While some updates are seven days apart, others are as many as 10 days, however some some updates include three to as many as 11 new videos added on the same day. There have been 42 videos added in the last two and a half months, most in the Blowjobs & Gloryholes category.

There aren't any huge problems with Deep Smashed ATL, but there are a few things to mention. The anonymous nature of the content means that there aren't any names or model profiles, and each video only has a one-line description like "Sexy dark-skin guy cums by to get drained" or "4some went on all night." I'm not sure why the videos lack a standard size since they all seem to be shot by this site's producer; at least that's the gist on the "Become a Freak" page where you can apply to appear in one of their videos. There's also a "Buy DVDs" link on the navbar that takes you to an off-site DVD store where you can purchase DVDs from this producer and others. I would have liked to have the option to view all the videos in a list rather than only seeing them listed by category.

Lots of guys want to make a porno, but not everyone wants their face plastered all over the web, so Deep Smashed ATL is an interesting project. It brings horny bottoms and tops together (mostly black amateurs from Atlanta) to show their hot sessions which run between five and 30 minutes. The site has grown to 95 videos, and while they don't always add their updates on time, sometimes they add several videos in a single day. If you like close-up cock-in-ass filming, your dick should be pretty happy with the offering here. I was pretty turned on watching these tops spunking their loads all over and back into these holes. Deep Smashed ATL is a new site, but they deliver down-and-dirty amateur action (including some interracial) that makes them a site worth keeping an eye on.

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