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Dark Cruising takes us out of the world of vanilla gay sex and transports us into a perverted world of all kinds of nasty and dirty sex. With the majority of the videos filmed in Europe, we're treated to lots of different types of men getting off in a wide variety of rough sex scenes. We've never reviewed Dark Cruising before, so let's head inside and see how dark this site gets.

Dark Cruising brings together content from at least 11 different studios, so there's quite a variety of performers and styles. You'll find chavs, scallies, and young thugs in their twenties with slender and mostly smooth bodies; there are heaps of skinheads in their jeans, red suspenders, lean bodies, shaved heads and tattoos. There are also lots of muscled men who are more mature in their late twenties to early forties, and you'll also find lots of athletic guys and jocks. There's a good mix of hairy and smooth models. Most of the men are white, but there are also some black studs, Latinos, and Arab men on the site, although they're not separated into their own categories. And because most of the videos are filmed in Europe, you'll find lots of uncut cocks, so this is definitely a site foreskin hounds will want to check out.

The action on Dark Cruising is hardcore and not for the squeamish. The videos are separated into a few main categories like hard and fetish, strict punishment, fisting, gloryholes, skinheads, gangbangs, sneakers, and uniforms. And the action ranges from guys worshipping sneakers and bare feet or cocksuckers servicing dick at a gloryhole to extreme situations like forced gangbang sex, dungeon play, water sports, dildo fucking and fisting. One of my favorites had a skinhead gang break into a mixed-raced couple's apartment and made one man watch while they force fed the other their big uncut dicks. Another master had one slave naked and chained to the wall while he brutalized, manhandled, and fucked another. There are over 70 extreme ass play videos, 90 glory hole sex scenes, and over 300 gangbangs.

Still, mixed in with the hardcore and fetish sex videos you'll find regular gay sex, as well. One video I watched had a muscle hunk playing with a uniformed cop, another had a couple of rough-looking skinhead types sucking and fucking in a storage room; and while both scenes were pretty hot, neither was particularly nasty they just featured a uniformed man or a couple of skinheads.

Dark Cruising is run by a French gay porn company called Citebeur and it's one of eight sites, each offering a different type of guy or sex. The videos on Dark Cruising aren't exclusive, but come from over 11 different studios like Cazzo, Titan Men, Triga, Jalif Studio, and Wurst Films.

There are 814 streaming videos on Dark Cruising that play at 850x480 to 640x480. They stream smoothly without buffering issues, and I liked that I could easily jump back and forth on the time line. Generally the videos are clear, but keep in mind that they're filmed in a variety of locations like warehouses, basements, dungeons, and other dark places, so some videos do have lighting issues and others could be a little sharper. Many looked good in full-screen mode, others were disappointing.

Dark Cruising is a pay-per-view site, so you purchase a ticket package anywhere from 5 to 100 tickets costing $5.99 to $59.99, and then you redeem up to 4 tickets to watch each full scene. The more tickets you buy, the more you save - the 100-ticket package saves you 50%. The Dark Cruising tickets can also be used on any of this company's other 7 sites and purchased tickets don't expire.

Most of the videos are streaming only, but some can be downloaded for 6 tickets. I didn't find these downloaded as quickly as I would have liked, but once on your computer they played at 640x360 in MP4 format with good bitrates at 2.5 Mbits or better. The availability of downloads seems to be connected with the production studio; some allow downloads, but most don't.

Dark Cruising has no photo galleries, but each scene offers a series of thumbnails that don't enlarge but do give you a preview of the men and the action.

The only negatives about Dark Cruising is that the videos aren't dated, so I have no idea how often the site updates with new material. Also, I found that their categories and tagging system could have been much more detailed. For instance, there are prison sex movies, but no categories or tags that help you find more jail sex videos.

Overall I liked the variety of action and men on Dark Cruising and I found lots of kinky, nasty action to keep my cock happy. While the site has lots of skinheads; there are also chavs and scallies, leather men, hairy and smooth guys, muscle men and guys with slender bodies, so there are heaps of types to choose from. And likewise with the action, I didn't find the site overwhelmed us with a particular fetish or theme. So if you want to watch gloryhole sex one day, fisting on another, gangbangs the next and a little foot worship on the side, there's still lots of other stuff to fill out your viewing schedule. And with over 814 videos on the site, it'll be a while before you exhaust your choices. I found the streaming system easy to use with up-to-date technology that didn't put roadblocks in the way of enjoying the content. If you like dirty, nasty, and perverted sex play, I think you'll be happy with Dark Cruising and I recommend you check this site out.

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