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If you like wholesome and good-looking college-aged guys, you're probably familiar with Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Men. The site been around since 2004 and has a reputation for filming sexy jocks and studs in guy-on-guy sexual experiences. Corbin Fisher is overhauling their site, so I'm taking a look at the new layout and features.

Corbin Fisher guys used to fit neatly into the category of all-American jocks - college-aged guys with athletic and muscular bodies - and they still do, but this time around I noticed a few more twinkish guys who are boyishly cute and sporting slender bodies rather than muscled physiques. But the bulk of the guys still have athletic, well-defined bodies, and there are a few that are quite muscular. Most are Caucasian, a mixture of blonds and brunettes and the odd redhead. Corbin Fisher tends to prefer smooth guys with shaved faces, but you'll find the some furry guys, face scruff and even the odd full beard. A good number of the guys are sporting a tattoo or two, but you won't find many heavily inked guys. Most of the guys return to film more than once, and some have filmed several dozen sessions and have legions of fans.

The action here is divided into two main sections: Amateur College Men features jack-off and hardcore guy-on-guy sex, and Amateur College Sex features guys fucking girls in duos and threeways; you can join either section or pay a little more for access to both. The homepage brings together both sections in one place, along with Corbin Fisher Select videos, which we'll talk about later, and you can filter the homepage to see only the kind of content you want.

Corbin Fisher is filming fewer masturbation scenes these days. In the latest 12 releases, there was only one jack-off video; in the previous 12 there were only two. Most of the guys are first-timers to porn and gay sex and Corbin Fisher films them in their first blowjob and anal sex scenes, both giving and receiving. In 2011 the site started filming bareback sex, so you'll find older scenes using rubbers, but all of the new scenes are condom-free. And the guys are filmed both indoors and outdoors (the Corbin Fisher compound has a beautiful pool, garden, and waterfall) and the guys swap blowjobs, kiss, rim, fuck and blow their wads on each other. Sometimes the guys will play with dildos and sex toys, but mostly it's cocks and asses. Threeways aren't common, but they do happen from time to time.

When it comes to updates Corbin Fisher is a powerhouse, adding multiple new scenes weekly, but doesn't seem to adhere to a specific day-of-week schedule. In November 2014 they added 15 guy-on-guy scenes and 7 guy-on-girl; in October it was 13 and 6, and in September 14 and 5.

Corbin Fisher has 2,029 videos - 1448 in the solo / guy-on-guy sex part of the site and 581 scenes in the guy-on-girl section - and they're available in to download and stream. This is going to take some explaining, so you'll have to bear with me. The site is in the midst of a massive overhaul. If you opt for the "classic view", which is the old set-up, you can download the videos for your mobile device in MP4 format at 320x180, or in QuickTime and WMV formats at either 1280x720 or 1920x1080 and you can stream them at 960x540 in an MP4 player. Older videos come in smaller sizes usually 640x380.

If you opt for the "new look", it's a completely different ball game. Corbin Fisher is working from newest to oldest releases to get all of the scenes loaded so they can all be both streamed and downloaded, however so far only 2014 is complete with both streaming video at 950x534 and three sizes of downloadable MP4 at 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 960x540. Scenes from 2013 and earlier can only be downloaded in MP4 format and are sized at 640x480. And, like many sites, it looks like Corbin Fisher is dumping WMV format in the new version. I don't know whether the older videos will maintain these same sizes, but I doubt it since technology was quite different in 2004. Also I don't know how long you'll be able to jump back and forth between the classic and new versions.

Most episodes have picture sets - one of digital stills and another of screencaps - and you can view these in galleries with a slideshow feature, save pictures individually or you can download them in zip files. The sizes are all over the map, but the very oldest screencaps are 450x299 and digital stills are 500x500, and newest pictures are 1280x720 for the screencaps and 1050x700 for the digital stills.

Each of the episode pages include a nice juicy description giving you background on the model, how he came to Corbin Fisher, whether he's gay, straight or bi. You'll find the episode's picture gallery and video along with other scenes featuring the same models.

Now, let's talk about Corbin Fisher Select. These are extra scenes not included with your membership; they're collections from on-location shoots in places as Prague, Scandinavia, Australia and a few trips throughout the United States. These scenes can be purchased individually for $7.95 each or in packages ranging from $24.95 and up for a collection. And I'm afraid I have no idea on sizes. The good news is that you can filter these scenes off the homepage if you don't want to see them.

Corbin Fisher hasn't used DRM for quite a while and still doesn't. They also used to have a daily bandwidth limit, but now the site features unlimited streaming and downloads. My biggest problem with the site is the redesign. As I mentioned, it's still very much in process, so it can be a bit confusing to move between "classic" and "new" view, and to remember which has streaming and / or downloadable versions and in what formats and sizes. So I encourage you to take the tour of the new design and read the FAQs, as they're very helpful.

Again, keep in mind that you can join either the solo / guy-on-guy section (Amateur College Men) or the straight / bisexual section (Amateur College Sex), and for a few extra bucks you can join both. This review is of both sections together.

With over 2,000 videos, Corbin Fisher gives you lots to enjoy, and their guys are second to none. The newest videos keep getting bigger and better as technology improves, and the site continues to make itself more user friendly by dumping DRM and bandwidth limits and adding new features. Combine this with two to five video updates per week and you can't go wrong. While the site is in the midst of an overhaul and may take come getting used to, I like the new look and features. And frankly, the guys are worth the extra effort.

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