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Club Bang Boys is a network of four sites that film in the Czech Republic. Gay Bang Boy features rowdy naked guys letting loose in a dance club; they drink, smoke, get naked and have sex, and yes, they dance, too. Gay Public Hardcore has guys having sex in public places. Boys Club for Men pairs up guys in their twenties with slightly older men in their thirties and forties. And last is Bareback Boy Bangers, which features 18 to twenty-something-year-old twinks, jocks, and amateurs in raw action. There's a lot to talk about, so let's get started.

Club Bang Boys lets us watch wild sex parties in a Prague bar. One party features a cute, blond lad named Jan (he's Chris Hollander elsewhere) who's in his twenties with an athletic and smooth body; the other sequence stars muscle hunk David (also known as Rado Zuska on another European site) who's got tattooed arms and a small patch of chest hair. Both guys are sporting delicious uncut cocks.

Jan's party starts with him dancing nude on a cocktail table while clothed onlookers watch and some fondle his ass and cock. On the floor, as Jan sucks a nude party-goer, a crowd gathers and their clothes start coming off. The guys kiss and grope each other and someone gets on his knees and blows another clothed stud. Jan lies on a bench and the crowd of now mostly naked guys touch and rub his body, somebody sucks his stiff cock, another fingers his asshole. On the second floor is a pool with a glass wall that overlooks the dance floor and everyone can watch naked pool boys cavorting and having sex. They press their cocks against the glass and drive the crowd crazy. Someone fucks Jan's ass, others play with his dick, still others blow one another. Several guys cover Jan with their jizz while another sucks him off, then Jan heads off to clean up in the shower.

There are currently 12 videos at Club Bang Boys: Jan's party is split into six parts and David's has five, and a new bang party has just started; each segment is 20 minutes long. The party-goers are a mix of slim and athletic guys in their twenties and sport smooth bodies and uncut cocks. Some of the guys are more ripped or muscular, but David's party had an overweight guy in a suit who sucks the hunk's cock and a couple of guys are wearing girl's wigs, too. But most of the participants had pretty nice bodies and several had some really big cocks.

Gay Public Hardcore brings us more twenty-something Czech guys sucking and fucking in wooded areas or parks, a couple go at it in a car, one guy blows another in his apartment building stairwell, another couple of guys fuck in a bar, and five guys have a gangbang in a hotel, which isn't really public.

Boys Club for Men pairs up mature men with guys in their twenties. There are a couple of bald and bearish men in their early forties and a sexy man in his thirties, and they play with the younger guys, feasting on their cocks and usually bending over for the lads too.

There are 102 videos in total: Bareback Boy Bangers offers 51 episodes, Club Bang Boys has 12, Gay Public Hardcore has 26, and Boys Club for Men has 13 videos. You can download the videos in MP4 format and they play from 960x540 to 1920x1080. They're good amateur productions with decent lighting, but for those bar videos expect camera bumps and people getting in the way. You can stream the videos on the site in a player at 1080x608 and they are offered at three different speeds. There's a full-screen mode, and even the lowest speed fared well. You can download each 20-minute part of a guy's party, but there's no way to download the whole thing in one shot. The other videos are full scenes.

Each scene has a picture gallery, and these pics are digital stills or very good screencaps - I'm not completely sure. When viewing them on the site, they're scaled to fit your browser window, but if you save them individually, they're a massive 3696x2448. You can view them as a hands-free slideshow, too, but the zip files did require that I disable my pop-up blocker to save.

Club Bang Boys had been having problems with updates - the site had been recycling updates by removing existing episodes, then adding them as updates again later, which meant the network wasn't growing, but the network has begun to grow again in the last month; it seems that Bareback Boy Bangers is updating an average of twice a week. The other sites, which had shrunk a bit have replaced most of their content, and hopefully will keep updating. We did hear from the owner, who says that they'll be updating at least once a week.

The rest of the monthly updates are bonus videos: one from a site called Arm Wrestling that offers short videos of muscle hunks flexing and arm wrestling with no nudity or sex, and videos from a site called Amateur Boys, another barebacking site called Russian Barebackers, a bi sex site called Bimaxx, and another gay group sex site called Guys Go Crazy. The last two offer streaming-only videos, but you can download them if you purchase a membership to either site.

Aside from the updating issues, there's are a couple of other quirks with Club Bang Boys. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for another membership if you leave it ticked. I didn't like that each guy's party in Gay Bang Boy is broken into so many updates - six months to add one scene, no matter how long, is definitely dragging things out. And, on a personal note, I found the parties very noisy, not only with loud music but guys hollering all the time.

Club Bang Boys is a fun network that mixes conventional suck and fuck videos, barebacking at Bareback Boy Bangers with wild sex parties in a Prague bar. Most of the Gay Bang Boy party-goers get naked and join in, which is fun, and that second-story pool is quite a hoot with guy pushing their hard-ons against the glass and having sex in the water. Boys Club for Men gives us some variety with daddy-boy sex and Gay Public Hardcore has a lot of sexy guys with hot well-defined bodies. And with Eastern Europeans comes uncut cocks, and who doesn't like foreskin? With a total of 102 videos this network offers enough content to keep you entertained - if you haven't seen it already.

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