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Club Amateur USA puts the focus on real straight amateur guys who are up for a little sexual exploration on camera. There's a nice mix of guys here; you'll find both hairy and smooth men as well as a mix of average, handsome and cute. Body types also range from thin to "regular guy", athletic to chubby with some muscle men, as well. You'll find clean shaven, scruffy and bearded amateurs here, and some of the performers are tattooed while lots aren't. While there are more white guys, expect to find some Latinos and black studs. In fact, it's almost like someone walked around town and chose random guys off the street to appear naked on camera.

Unlike a lot of straight guy sites that have their models jumping right into sucking cock and getting fucked, the men here seem to be truly straight or bi-curious, and many are obviously real first-timers, although some do return later to do additional videos. Some of the guys are a bit nervous on camera at first, and while you'll find that a number are willing to get a massage from another guy, a handjob and maybe try a little assplay with a dildo, these aren't so-called str8 guys riding a cock like a pro. The newer videos include a fair amount of virgin buttholes getting fingered, as well. There's a lot of helping hand videos here from an off-camera guy stroking the amateurs' cocks and playing with their asses.

Club Amateur USA currently offers 520 exclusive videos, each with pics and a model profile. The vids are DRM-free, and they're all offered in MP4 format. The newer videos look good, sharp and clear; most are sized at 1920x1080, although some recent vids are sized at 1280x720. Some of the older videos and the remastered "classic" videos aren't good quality at their largest size, so it might be better to download those at smaller sizes. All videos are also available to stream, the medium sized ones are good for tablets, and there are smaller versions for iPhone, Android and other mobiles.

Now let's talk about updates. The site adds two updates each week, but often one of the weekly updates seems to be remastered versions of the oldest vids rather than a new production. Also a few vids are broken into two updates. That being said, the videos here are long - all but one recent update is over half an hour, and a good number run from 45 minutes to well over an hour. By the way, Club Amateur USA has super fast download speeds, and that's a good thing since the largest size of their newer videos are mostly over a GB each. If you don't want to wait for the downloads, the second video size down is a good option.

Each episode also comes with a set of pics. These are screencaps, but they're good quality for screencaps - you might guess that the newer sets and even some of the older ones were digital stills. The newer photos are sized at 1024x576 when viewing online, and are also offered in zip files in 3 sizes, the largest of which are shown at 1600x900. Older pics are sized at 640x480, and they still look pretty good. Hands-free slideshows and pic-to-pic navigation are available, and the photos can be individually downloaded. That being said, while the galleries are good-sized, they're also repetitious; I'd rather see less but better-chosen pictures.

When it comes to extras, there's the Club Amateur USA blog, which is where you'll find a profile of each model. The site also gives members full access to long-running gay megasite BadPuppy plus its 13 assorted bonus sites and 50+ feeds. Not only is that a LOT of content, but it means almost daily updates plus a live feed from a male strip club in Florida.

Something new to the site are the streaming-only memberships. If you don't care to download videos to watch them later, this could be a way to save some money, as the streaming-only monthly membership is $10 less than the monthly membership that includes downloads.

Does the site have any issues? Not many, but there are some things worth noting. The tour claim of daily updates doesn't refer to this site, but to the network and bonuses, and while the site does update twice a week, almost half the updates are remastered versions of older videos. The member home page has a bunch of thumbs on the bottom that are actually ads - they lead to a live cam site where you must pay in order to see full nudity or go one-on-one. Older videos are lower quality than newer ones, and may be below average quality when watched at their largest size.

Club Amateur USA offers regular guys being serviced by another guy for their first times or jerking off on camera, which is refreshing in a world full of sites featuring perfect men and porn stars. The 520 videos can be streamed, downloaded or played on your mobile, and there are 2 updates per week, although one of them is a remastered "classic" video. Members get full access to BadPuppy and their collection of bonus sites and feeds. In a world full of so-called straight guys who suck cock like dick-hungry sex pigs, it's refreshing to visit a site where the straight guys and first-timers actually look like they're getting first gay handjobs or blowjobs on video. Overall if you're into real amateurs, not gay-for-pay guys or adult performers faking being amateurs, Club Amateur USA is a good place to find them.

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