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Chubs and Cubs is a brand new site from the producer of Spunkworthy. Like it's older brother, this new site features mostly straight guys unloading their nuts in their first videos. Site owner Jason usually has a good eye for hot studs, and he produces good content, so I'm looking forward to getting inside and checking this one out.

The guys here are in their twenties with stocky or beefy builds - think football linebackers. But let me clarify that while these guys aren't chubs in the truest sense of the word, which usually means large bellies, they are chubby. While many are bigger boys with round bellies and beefy butts, they're not in the 4XL range - think more along the lines of the "freshman 30" a guy might put on in his first year at college. You'll find smooth guys and some who are furry, some tattooed and others not, and most fit the classic cub look. As I said, most of the guys here are straight, but more than a few are "willing to blur the boundaries occasionally to see how us guys get things done."

Jay is a tall, straight guy and he's 20 years old, bald with chin scruff and he's stocky; his description calls him an "urban redneck" and he loves his truck. He plays with a Fleshjack in his video. Andre is a 26-year-old Texan who moved to San Diego after he enlisted in the navy; he's married to a woman, and he's furry, stocky, sports a mustache, and an uncut cock. Vic and Phil are best friends; they're both 18 years old, and they didn't want to do anything "too gay," but they weren't phased by jacking off together. Vic is slim and smooth with a toothy smile, and Phil is chunky with a shaved head, and he cums on Vic's thigh. Jimmy is a cute guy, 23, with a couple of days worth of whiskers; he sports a hairy chest and belly, and he's fresh out of prison so needed to make some quick cash.

With the exception of Vic and Phil, all of the other guys jack off in solos - well, sort of. After a brief interview when Jason gets to know them, the guys strip naked and get down to stroking their dicks. A few don't mind when Jason reaches out to touch their cocks, or asks if he can, and they don't protest when he proceeds to give them a handjob. Most of the guys finish themselves off and usually spray jizz all over their bellies. Many are nervous, but others are more adventurous and don't mind Jason filming them from behind so we get a good look at the virgin butt holes.

There are 34 exclusive, DRM-free videos at Chubs and Cubs, and they're offered in MP4 format. The downloadable versions come in two sizes (1024x576 and 640x360) and the newest 14 scenes also include a larger HD version at 1280x720. These are good amateur quality with good lighting and sound, and they play well with Jason catching the cumshots nicely. When it comes to mobile compatibility, the smaller vids should play fine on most phones, the larger being compatible with most tablets. The newer streaming videos are offered in three sizes from 640x360 to 1280x720, while the rest come in two smaller sizes only: 640x360 and 480x360. There's a full-screen option and the largest sizes usually fare the best here.

Each episode comes with a gallery of good amateur quality digital stills that display at around 502x758. You can view them in thumbnail galleries and there's a hands-free slideshow as well. You can save the pictures individually or download whole sets in zip files. There are approximately 30 to 40 pics per episode.

The episodes aren't dated and there's no schedule or calendar, however a quick check six weeks after we first reviewed the site shows that it's added six updates, so that's good news. And while the lack of dates is the biggest problem here, 34 videos for a new site is a pretty good offering plus the site is growing. The site's opening special is still going, and that saves you a bit of money, but the site doesn't mention when the special will end. And I do wish the older streaming videos were offered in a larger player.

I really like Chubs and Cubs. One thing I really liked is that each guy has a profile page outlining his stats, then his actual video page has a description explaining how he came to the site and telling us a bit about him and his JO session. I liked the guys here a lot; they're just regular guys with average bodies, and if you like bigger boys, you should be pretty happy with the offering here. The site has added six videos since launch six weeks ago, offering 34 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobile. I'm looking forward to watching this site grow with more solos and handjobs, and I hope that Jason will also start blowing a few of the guys, too. But we'll have to wait and see.

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