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There just aren't many chub sites around so Chub Videos is a hot find for guys who like large men with big bellies. These are 100% real natural men and amateurs. While there are some guys in their twenties, most of these men are in the thirties and forties. They're masculine, heavy men with big bellies and asses, massive thighs and moobs; most of them are hairy and sporting facial hair - a variety of goatees and beards - and you'll find cute and cuddly types and daddies, too. It's been four years since our last visit to Chub Videos, and there were quite a few issues with the site back then, so let's see if things have improved.

The Chub Videos member's area offers 58 videos that are full scenes. Four years ago there were only 12 videos, so this is quite an improvement. The vids are available as streaming movies only (no downloads here) and you have the choice to play them in Flash or QuickTime. I found the QuickTime versions played more smoothly. The site has also doubled the size of their movies from 320x240 to 720x420. These are amateur productions - average to good quality - usually filmed in a home or motel setting. A little less than half of the videos are solos, which are mainly the older videos; the newer videos are mostly duos with big-bellied daddies and chubs sucking and fucking. The Quicktime videos plays fine on iPod and iPhone, the Flash work for Android.

There are photo galleries now - 71 of them - and they're a mix, as some galleries offer digital photos while others offer screen captures. The digital pictures display at 675x900 and are fairly good quality; the screen grabs are a little smaller. They're displayed in thumbnail galleries with about 50 to 75 pictures per session, and there is a slide show feature, but no zip files. You can right-click and save whatever photos you want.

In the earlier videos, mostly in the solo jerk off movies, the videographer talked dirty to the men, which I found to be a turn-off. In newer videos he seems to stay out of it and just lets the men get down to sucking and fucking, which is a big improvement.

One thing I need to clarify is that I don't think this is a chub site in the truest sense of the word, I'd call it an amateur bear site. The problem with classifying bear men is that everyone's definition is different, but I've generally thought that there were five kinds of bear men: cubs, muscle bears, bears, daddies, and chubs. And for me, chubs are mostly smooth men with the body size of bears, but without body hair and probably clean shaven. Most of the guys on Chub Videos are hairy with facial hair. If you don't care about these kinds of things and you're just looking for bigger men with massive bellies, you'll be happy.

One thing I didn't like about Chub Videos takes a bit of explaining. I am a bear with a belly so don't send me hater mail, but filming chubs and bigger men is problematic because of the mens' size. When I watch a cocksucker doing his thing I like to see his mouth sliding up and down a hard cock. But I found that this videographer doesn't really film these men in a considerate way. When a chub is standing and getting a blowjob, the cocksucker's face is buried beneath his big belly and bellies get in the way of seeing the action, bellies also cast shadows. And to be honest, most of these men aren't that well hung - nothing grows in the shade, as I always say - so I really found that my desire to see mouths swallowing dicks wasn't always satisfied. Some of the action had the men lying back and getting blow giving us a clear view of the action, and in these instances I was much happier.

Chub Videos seems to be updating with a photo gallery every week and a new video twice a month. But only the previews on the free tour are dated, so I have no way of confirming if Chub Videos remains true to this update schedule. However, when we last reviewed the site they didn't appear to be updating at all, so this seems to be an improvement.

The bottom line is that the men at Chub Videos are big and beautiful - beefy, hairy and heavy men and sites featuring these kinds of men are not easy to find. The 58 videos will give you lots to look at and the quality is generally fairly good. The site is lean on special features and extras, but I'm fairly forgiving because this is such a specialized niche. And one thing I really liked about Chub Videos is that most of the action now is duos rather than solo men jacking off. If you love chubs and big hairy men, why not give Chub Videos a visit? After all, it's not every day you get to watch amateur chubs and bears shooting their loads.

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