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Reviewed by on 10 Jan 2012

92 score out of 100
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Chaosmen specializes in never-seen-before amateurs who are primarily straight. The content ranges from solos to oral sessions and light bondage, and on to full-on hardcore (a lot of it bareback). Non-members can view screencaps and details of every video, and preview videos for about the latest 30 updates. Several full-size sample images are available for every photo set. It's been nearly 2 years since our last review so it's time to check how things are going.

The Chaos Men member home page is easy to use, featuring the latest updates followed by juicy thumbs for the new videos and photo sets. The site has grown since our last visit almost 2 years ago; video numbers have increased from 554 to 880, an average of 3 new scenes a week. All video and photo content is dated, showing at least 3 new videos and at least 3 new photo sets added every week - sometimes more. There is also a Search box and Advanced search button. Advanced search takes you to a list of 58 terms, but only one may be selected at a time. It would be more useful if any combination could be selected. However it's rare, possibly unique, for a site to so comprehensively tag its content with keywords.

Video numbers have increased from 554 to 880, an average of 3 new scenes a week, and quality is good or very good. MP4s at 1280x720 are new, and 75% of all titles have been re-processed to this new option. Even the oldest videos stream at 1024x576, and have 720x480 downloads. All have a small set of preview screencaps. Click the Summary button above these for comments from the director. Each video is tagged with about a dozen keywords.

There are some errors and omissions, but they are still very useful for allowing you to zero in on such action or model categories. Silverlight streaming was being beta-tested at the time of our last review. It has now completely replaced Flash. With 7 download and 5 streaming options, the site caters to connections from dial-up to broadband and is friendly to all Apple devices as well as PCs. All downloadable content is DRM-free.

Action photo sets in downloadable zip files are new. The easily overlooked link can be found lower left of a video's page. They can contain up to 150 images. About half are surprisingly good screen caps, and half even better quality production stills. There are also 3 supersize (1920x1080) images. Solo photo sets have grown from 388 to 497, an average of 1 addition a week. Downloadable zips are now available for many sets and sizes are larger, up from 480x720 to 683x1024. Like the videos, these sets are tagged with keywords. Want to select by build, hair colour or ethnicity? No problem.

The models range from 18 to their 30s. They are mainly straight, regular to well-built, natural and not overly groomed. Many are on the rough side (not that there's anything wrong with that); think truck stop rather than piano bar. Hardly any have appeared elsewhere on the web before, and not many go on to other sites. There's no model index, but it's easy to search by model name. Browse the photo pages to see a thumbnail of just about every model on the site. And then there's Bryan Ockert, the site's owner. Bryan keeps his pants on these days, but still appears as an enthusiastic participant in Serviced videos.

Action falls into 4 categories: solo (about 40%), Serviced (15%), Edge (5%) and hardcore (40%), all of it filmed on indoor sets. The Serviced videos feature a passive naked model who is sucked and rimmed by a clothed partner, and then helped to climax. The Edge videos add light bondage and can be more interactive. All anal action in hardcore scenes has been exclusively bareback since late 2009. The well lit, well-focussed and up close camera work, with varied camera angles, means you miss nothing. There was some water-sports action available briefly, but a payment processor demanded it be withdrawn. It can be obtained from the shop, but not online.

Members get access to 14 gay feeds from AEBN covering such niches as cock swallowers, fetish factory, hardcore and military men. Each feed includes 4 full DVDs which are changed every month. Maximum bitrate is 225 kbps and the image quality is poor.

Chaosmen is a site that goes from strength to strength, and its small team is focused on providing an ever better experience for its users. It features horny guys, super-hot action, frequent updates, great photos and videos that you can download and keep forever. It's easy to use and one of the best value sites around. The tour gives you a great idea of the content. If you like what you see, what are you waiting for?

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