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Reviewed by on 26 Jun 2012

81 score out of 100
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Legendary Colt Studio Group has been serving up hot and handsome muscle men and beefcake studs for decades. Spectacular men with movie-star good looks and strong, hulking bodies bulging with muscles. And their website has recently undergone a dramatic overhaul, so it's worth taking a fresh look at what they have to offer.

The Colt Studio Group's new site is very slick with a clean and simple design. They display massive preview pictures of some of the 700 sexy men they've filmed over the years. And when you log in you have a few options: the New section gets you to the latest videos, Movies displays all the DVDs available on the site to watch, Men shows you all of the men who have filmed with COLT over the years, there's a Store where you can buy DVDs, and there's a Live section where you can watch a weekly live sex show.

The New section is where you'll find the latest videos uploaded to the site - keep going to browse all 573 full scenes. The videos are dated, and COLT seems to be updating about once every two weeks, sometimes more often. The videos are not downloadable, you have to stream them on the site and there are three different sizes available. The largest size is shown at 960x540, but you'll experience varying quality depending on the version you select. The highest-quality version was excellent quality, it was crisp and clear, and played smoothly, and even using the slider to move deeper into specific sections of the movie was practically seamless.

Each episode has a gallery of high-quality, digital still pictures that are 1024 pixels on the long side. These are glamour shots of the models and there are action stills as well. You view them online in galleries, but you can't right-click and save them, nor is there a downloadable zip available.

The Movies section displays all of COLT's 124 DVDs in their three brands: COLT, Buckshot, and Olympus. Each DVD features anywhere from three to six scenes. COLT features the masculine men (smooth and hairy) with all their bulging muscles that most people will associate with the COLT brand. Buckshot gives us younger guys, more muscle jocks than beefcake men, and Olympus is the international brand that brings us hot guys from Europe and other parts of the world.

In the Men section you'll find the 700 men who have appeared in COLT videos over the decades. Big, masculine, muscled, handsome men. And because COLT's library spans several decades, you'll find a variety of looks - construction workers, leather men, denim dudes, beach hunks, cowboys, and just regular naked muscle hunks, although these men are anything but regular. Some are smooth and some hairy, some are clean shaven, others sport beards, moustaches, or goatees.

I'm not a big fan of watching gay porn on my cell phone, but I was impressed with their mobile offering. I have an Android phone and the COLT Studio Group site was easy to navigate on my phone and the videos played smoothly and seamlessly. I have to say that this is one of the best mobile porn experiences I've ever had. If you like porn on your phone, you're going to love this site.

The new COLT Studio Group site is a bit of a good news / bad news affair. It's a great looking site, it's easy to navigate, the movies play smoothly and are offered in a variety of file sizes, but COLT misses some of the basic features that I like in a site. Things like downloadable videos, hands-free slide show picture galleries, even the ability to right-click and save pictures is gone. COLT Studio Group also no longer has a dedicated photo gallery section anymore, instead each movie has a gallery of pictures with high-resolution, studio-quality, digital stills that display at 800x1204. Some of the galleries of the older movies are low-quality pictures or screen captures.

The men of Colt Studio Group are everything you expect them to be - hunky, muscular, and horny - the epitome of real man porn. Navigation and video sizes are good, although the videos are not downloadable, and some of the older videos from 20 or 30 years ago are so-so quality, but newer ones are good stuff. The site used to update weekly, but for the last 3 months they've been adding 2 scenes per month. The bottom line - anyone who loves the kind of men Colt has come to represent should definitely check out Colt Studio Group!

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