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Jim French and Lou Thomas started COLT Studio in 1967 and the company (now called Colt Studio Group) has been bringing us impressive muscle men, beefcake hunks, and ripped studs ever since. COLT has become synonymous with spectacular men with movie-star good looks and bulging muscles. The site is now under new management, so let's head over and see what has changed.

Colt Studio Group is packed with the over 700 sexy men they've filmed over the years. They're best known for bodybuilders bulging out of leather vests, jeans, underwear, or jockstraps, but over the years, COLT has featured all kinds of masculine men from gym-fit studs to mature muscle men and serious bodybuilders. And the company has never shied away from hairy men, beards, moustaches, and even sideburns if we're in the right decade. COLT has always featured the sexiest porn hunks from each era and made legends out of many of them, men like Pete Kuzak, Steve Kelso, Tom Chase, Luke Garrett, Carlo Masi, and Gage Weston, and these days you'll find many of your favorites standing alongside these porn icons.

Because COLT's library spans several decades, you'll find a variety of looks - construction workers, leather men, denim dudes, beach hunks, cowboys, and just regular naked muscle hunks, although these men are anything but regular. COLT's Buckshot line features clean-cut college-age men and muscle jocks while COLT's Olympus brand brings us mostly European studs and hunks.

There are 668 videos, which are full scenes from approximately 148 DVD titles and these are offered as streaming MP4 files. The videos are available in 3 qualities that all play at 890x500, so you'll experience varying picture quality depending on your selection. The highest quality version is crisp and clear and plays smoothly, although using the slider to move deeper into specific sections of the movie might mean a couple second wait. I also found the full-screen mode was decent with minimal loss of clarity on the newer releases. The oldest videos have the same size player and the same quality options, but the actual image is sized at 670x500. And of course the older the video, the more forgiving you'll have to be - after all, some of these movies are over 30 years old.

Each video also comes with a set of pics that may vary from 6 to over 25 pictures each. These are sized at 960x540, and the newer pics are sharp and clear and look really good, surprising as they're almost surely screencaps. The oldest pics don't fare as well, so you can expect low to amateur quality images; even so, they're a good way to preview each scene. While the pics aren't offered for download, you can sit back, relax and enjoy each set as a hands-free slideshow.

One of the big changes at COLT is that now the site and all the videos are compatible with most mobiles including iPhone, iPad, and many Android devices, and that's a good thing. There are other changes I wasn't thrilled about: there are no dates on the updates any longer, and the join page is a bit vague regarding update frequency, stating that members "Enjoy exclusive updates each month." Another thing that really didn't grab me is that members must pay for video downloads, and can also pay to own a video and store it in the "cloud" to play whenever you like. Pictures are no longer downloadable, a minor disappointment. And last, while not a big deal, there are join links inside the member area, which could be confusing.

The men of COLT Studio Group have always been the cream of the crop, so you'll find hundreds of jaw-dropping handsome and masculine hunks with gorgeous bodies, including lots of hairy men. But COLT has also suffered from a stand-and-pose reputation with surfers thinking it lacks sex, and the men just stand around jutting their asses at the camera. This is largely because of the iconic photos we associate with the COLT hunks, but hasn't been the case for a couple of decades. You'll find plenty of cock sucking and hard ass pounding happening at COLT in some of the most pristine and beautiful settings you can imagine. While some of the older videos from 20 or 30 years ago are so-so quality, there's plenty of high-quality stuff here to keep you entertained. Despite the lack of updates, COLT is definitely worth looking at.

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