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Tyler Reed is a tall, husky top with eight inches of dick who loves fucking and filming cock-hungry bottoms. Breed Me Raw is his site where he showcases his collection of bareback videos. But more and more, Reed stays behind the camera filming a couple of masculine guys sucking and fucking raw - in the latest 12 episodes Tyler Reed appears in two of them. It's been almost two years since our last review, so let's take another look and see what's been happening on this bareback site.

When it comes to the guys at Breed Me Raw, variety is the name of the game. There are mature performers like Tyler Reed, mostly hairy men in their thirties through mid-forties who are generally in good shape with husky to muscular builds, men like Luke Harrington, Alessio Romero, Shay Michaels, Russ Magnus, Gabriel Fisk and massively hung Rocco Steele. Then there are a lot of younger guys in their mid- to late-twenties who come is a variety of shapes and sizes from slender guys with athletic builds to a few well-built studs, some hairy and some smooth, plus quite a few tattooed men. So guys like Chip Young, Aarin Asker, Cam Christou and Beau Reed. There's also the odd scene that's filmed in Europe and not by Tyler Reed, so you'll find a smattering of Czech hunks.

It's worth mentioning that when the site began, it used more amateurs (I actually saw a few guys from my own neighborhood), which is a turn on, and the guys range from average to pretty damned hot. But newer productions almost exclusively use porn regulars.

Most of the action is filmed indoors in home or hotel-like settings, but there are some scenes filmed outdoors, in cars or gyms, and lately there have been some bath house and bar sessions. Most feature guy-on-guy action with a sparse offering of threeways. As the site's title screams, Breed Me Raw is all about filling hungry holes with dicks and cum. The sex itself is pretty standard stuff: kissing, sucking dick, rimming, and fucking. And I really enjoyed the generous close-ups - what's the point of making a bareback video if you don't show us cocks sliding into raw butt holes? And because this is a breeding site, you'll find men unloading on well-fucked asses, then sliding back inside to finish draining their nuts.

Breed Me Raw now offers 325 DRM-free videos in MP4 format, almost 100 more videos than it on our last visit thanks to a new update every Wednesday. The newest videos are available to stream at 1296x788 while older ones play around 1048x780. The newer ones are better quality, while many of the very oldest weren't crisp and looked a bit stretched out. The quality of videos is generally pretty good amateur, but sometimes the lighting isn't the best and this makes a few of the videos look dull. Downloads aren't included with your membership, but you can pay to download the videos, the newest up to 1920x1080; the older videos range from 480x320 to 720x480.

Each video comes with a set of photos. These are average to good quality digital stills sized at from 750x1000 to 1066x1600 depending on the age of the scene. Each set can be browsed as a gallery, enjoyed as a hands-free slideshow or downloaded as a zip file, and you can save pictures individually if you prefer.

Breed Me Raw also gives members some extras. There's videos from the feed versions of 15 bonus sites from the same network, and you can watch a sampling of a dozen videos from each site. And these sites include more barebacking, twinks, bears, British men, Latinos and more, so it's a nice addition. There's also a blog that's updated about once a week, but curiously you can only access this from the tour and not the member area.

Now let's take a look at the issues. There's a sneaky pre-checked offer on the billing page that looks like you're agreeing to terms and conditions, but it's actually a sign-up for another site. The site terms say trial members "may not be granted full access", but when I see this warning on other sites, it has always meant trial members get limited access; this site doesn't state definitively either way. I was disappointed that downloads aren't included with your membership. And last, the older videos aren't as good quality as the newer.

Breed Me Raw has a nice selection of guys from their twenties to their forties with body types ranging from slim to muscled, athletic to beefy. You'll find a good amount of hairy men, some tattooed, and while the older vids include a lot of amateurs, the newer episodes feature mostly porn performers including some porn stars. The action is hot with lots of sucking, fucking bareback and cumming on and in raw asses, and the site does a good job of giving us lots of cock-in-hole close-ups with nice juicy cumshots. There are 325 streaming videos with option to pay to download, and with a new video added every week and more content in the bonus area, there's lots of barebacking and hot cum for you to enjoy at Breed Me Raw.

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