Breed It Raw

Reviewed by on 18 Aug 2011

69 score out of 100
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Breed It Raw features horny black men in condom-free gay sex. The tour offers a video trailer and description from the latest update, which is a hot thug threeway with plenty of cock sucking, rimming and fucking, plus some nice messy cumshots. You can browse the all the site's videos by thumb, although only the newest video includes any kind of preview, and non-members can also check out all the models. The tour doesn't include info like the available video formats, whether the vids are downloadable or an update schedule, although a few of the most recent videos are dated. Ready to learn more? Then join me as I log in for a look at the member area!

The member area of Breed It Raw is pretty much identical to the tour. The HOME page is actually a page showing the description, preview pic and streaming version of the latest update. There are links to the videos, a model index and photo sets, as well as links to buy DVD's and one to a blog that is actually not part of the site. Breed It Raw currently offers 126 video updates plus some pic sets. The 5 most recent updates are dated, ranging from 6 to 8 days apart, and the 2 oldest updates were actually added on the same day.

Each of the videos is offered to stream. These are fairly good amateur quality, but a higher bitrate might make them a bit better. I was happy with the quality of the newer streaming videos, but the older ones are below average quality. All the videos here are DRM-free, and most are full scenes, although a few longer videos are broken into several updates.

There are 71 photo sets in the PIX section. Many sets contain digital stills, but some are vidcaps, all shown at around 640x400. Needless to say, the digital stills are higher quality than the vidcaps, and there are anywhere from 7 to over 70 pics per set available as a gallery or in a zip file. There is also a model index, and each of the 32 models' pages includes a small gallery, but the pics are quite small.

The guys at Breed It Raw are a mix of hunks, tattooed thugs and regular guy type amateurs. The models seem to really be into the sex, with lots of guys sucking big black dicks, eating ass and plenty of ass-pounding bareback closeups. Something that I really liked about this site is that the lighting is very good for dark skin. On some ebony sites the models' skin is too dark, hiding all detail, but here you can clearly see every stroke, all the penetration, the action - everything you want to see.

The site doesn't have any major issues, but I did have a few minor comments. First off, the large videos are listed as HD, but I'd say they're more widescreen standard. Next, only the 5 most recent updates are dated, and they aren't added regularly on the same day each week. Still, they're not that far off. I wasn't able to right-click on the page, which was a little annoying but no real issue. And last, although I was able to download several videos simultaneously, the download speeds slowed down quite a bit when I did do.

Breed It Raw delivers streaming videos, updates an average of once a week, and features lots of black cock and ass. The site is easy to navigate, but really the bottom line is how hot the guys and the action are. These guys aren't phoning it for the camera - they're enjoying every minute from dick-slurping and butt-fucking to the time they shoot their loads. Those 're looking for black hunks, amateurs and thugs in hardcore gay bareback action will find them at Breed It Raw.

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