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Boy Feast offers a mix of genuine horny twinks and amateurs in a variety of everyday settings - jerking off, sucking cock, fucking bareback and enjoying the odd threesome or two. The performers ranging from super-slender twinks to able-bodied boys next door get down and dirty with each other (often filming each other, too) with plenty of cum eating, facials, and some hot bareback action.

The models represent a healthy mix of twinks, aged 18-24, and there are some genuine amateurs with down and dirty feel about them. There are some slim guys as well as few of guys with some "meat on their bones." These aren't the boy-next-door cuties you'll see on some sites - expect street boys, punks, and more than a few boys have an emo or goth look - floppy hair, facial piercings and skinny, yummy bodies. Most of them are smooth with trimmed or shaved pubes, hairless balls and assholes. There's a focus on particular fetishes such as foot-worship or food-play. These are hot, and add a touch of kink to the site.

Boy Feast offers 79 videos, only 1 than on our last visit five months ago, but that update was this week, so perhaps the site has started updating again - we'll check in a few weeks and let you know. Luckily, this site is part of the We Shoot Porn network, and some of the sites in the network are still updating - there have been 10 new videos added in the past week, and 9 the previous week, so members will have new content to check out when they visit.

The vids are available for download either as WMVs at 640x480 @ 2.6Mb (plus one smaller size) or as MP4s at 640x480 (plus two smaller sizes). Some MP4s are also available in HD, sized at 1280x720 @2.6Mb. Videos are available streaming in Flash at 640x480 plus 2 smaller sizes. Some are available streaming in HD, as well. Average lengths are around 15 minutes with a couple videos as short as 4 minutes, and some nearly 2 hours in length. Quality is low amateur to amateur but this can be seen to add to the genuine amateur feel. In addition, POV filming is common, as are webcams or static cameras - don't expect amazing camerawork as this site has more of a homemade feel.

It's worth being aware that some videos here are filmed from static webcams or from a POV perspective. This fits in with the amateur nature of the site. While this means that you won't be getting multi-angled cumshots on every video, there's plenty of real-life, spontaneous twink fucking or jerking to make up for it.

Each Boy Feast video comes with a set of pics. These are average quality screencaps shown at either 960x540 or 1000x563, and they're a good way to preview the action of the videos, although often the pics can be repetitious. Each set can be watched as a hands-free slideshow or downloaded as a zip file. The pics can also be saved individually.

Full membership includes access to content from 13 more sites from the same network. These are twink sites ranging from solo boyfriend sites to kink and bondage, plus everything in between. The network currently offers a total of 1337 videos, and as mentioned, there are 8 to 10 updates every week. There's also a photo section, but these are pics from 1 of the bonus sites, and there's a link to live cams, but while these do offer free chat, you must pay by the minute for one-on-one or full nudity and action.

The site does have some issues. First, as mentioned, there has been 1 update in the past several months - although that update was very recent, so hopefully it's a sign of things to come. Next, there's a pre-checked offer on the join page that signs you up for a trial for another site that will recur at full price. Be sure to read that offer before you hit submit. Also, please note that trial members here get limited access - if you want access to everything the site has to offer, you'll need a full membership.

Boy Feast delivers slender, smooth, cock-hungry twinks who genuinely love to suck, fuck and even indulge in some of the kinkier foot and food play. Offering 79 videos, the site has grown, but unfortunately seems to have stopped updating for a while and only just started again. Although not advertised, the site is mobile-optimized and the MP4 vids work well on iPhone, Android and iPad, which is a real plus. And there are the bonus sites, which add value for full members. I was disappointed about the site's lack of growth, but the guys are slender amateur twinks, and while the vids aren't high quality, they're good for those who like real amateur-shot action.

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