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Here's a bondage site that's a little bit different. It's called Bound Jocks, and it focuses on hot, athletic guys in mostly rope bondage. The men of Bound Jocks are a mix of slender but athletic and well built we're talking nicely muscled, but not TOO muscular, if you see what I mean. Some are porn stars or performers who appear on other gay sites like Spencer Reed, Paddy O'Brian, Adam Champ, Wolfie Blue, and Benjamin Bradley while others are hot jocks or fit twinks and otters who apparently like showing off in bondage. Many are very good looking, and some are not the kind of men you may expect to find tied up and helpless, which is a real plus. There's a good mix of hairy and smooth performers, and you'll find some with tattoos or facial hair including some masculine men in their late thirties and early forties.

The action here is a mix of solo guys and duos, the solos showing each guy first in undies, shorts or jockstrap and then naked. Some struggle against ropes, others are put in cock and ball bondage, while still others play with bondage-like stuff, and then are put in bondage off-camera so they simply appear bound after a short break in filming. But there are also duo scenes that include getting cocks sucked while in bondage, dildos, rimming, or in one case a hot scene with 2 bound men sucking each other. It's worth mentioning is that there's not a lot of full-on BDSM here, but you can expect to find some CBT, spanking, and a little tit torture, as well as rimming, fucking and cumshots.

Bound Jocks offers 156 videos, and the site has recently undergone a change of management, so if you've been a member in the past, you can expect some changes. The site is now optimized for all sorts of devices - both the site itself and the videos will work on pretty much any mobile or desktop unit. Updates are no longer dated, and the join page says they offer "exclusive updates each month," so there's no way to know if that means 2 updates per month or more.

The videos are offered to stream at a size of 890x500, and you can choose from several qualities, although if you're planning to watch at full screen on your desktop and you're on a fast connection, I'd definitely suggest the highest quality. The lowest quality isn't great on a large monitor, but looks good on smaller screens like phones or smaller tablets. Video downloads aren't included with your membership, so if there are vids you'd like to save and watch on your computer, you'll have to pay per scene to download them; if you prefer, you can pay to own a streaming scene, which will play for you even after your membership has expired.

Each Bound Jocks video comes with a set of pics. These are good quality, show off the men and the action well, and are sized at 960x540. It's hard to say whether the pictures are screencaps or digital stills, but they are sharp and clear, with well-saturated colors. While the pics aren't offered for download either individually or as zip files, you can enjoy them as thumbnail galleries or slideshows. There are from 10 to over 20 pics per set.

The site is easy to navigate, and includes brief profiles of the models, plus you can click on the various linked keywords to see more of the type of action or men you're interested in including things like Ass Play, Rimming, CBT, Big Dick, Hairy, and Jockstrap. While the site no longer offers any of the extras they used to offer like interviews and bondage how-to guides, members do get a 25% discount off downloads or DVDs.

Were there any issues? Well, the big one is the lack of release dates or an update schedule. While the join page makes it clear that Bound Jocks does update, the frequency is unclear. I also found the site is fairly aggressive about selling members downloadable versions of the videos and DVDs, but while these upsells are on every page, they're actually not that intrusive. One last thing I found a little confusing is that there are join links inside the members area that display even if your membership is current.

Bound Jocks delivers athletic guys in sports gear, underwear or naked, in ropes or other bondage gear. Expect some interesting positions, cock and ball bondage, gags, tickling and some blindfolds. The site offers 156 streaming videos, each with a small pic sets, but update frequency isn't specified - just that there are updates. There's a lot of hunks in bondage and some hot kink and sexual scenarios to enjoy. I liked the mix of beefcake and bondage that Bound Jocks offered, and while the videos aren't offered for download, I think this site has a lot to offer.

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