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Blacks on Daddies gives us older men who like playing with black guys. The older men start in their 50s and range in age up to their 70s - there's even one 80-year-old man. The black guys admiring these daddies are mostly in their 20s and 30s, although I did see a couple who were daddies themselves. It's been exactly four years since our last review and there have been some changes, so let's head inside and poke around.

The daddies at Blacks on Daddies are older men who range from their 50s up into their 70s, and they're white; they're paired up with younger black studs in their 20s and 30s, most with slender, athletic or muscular bodies. But there are a handful of older black men and a couple with bellies. The Caucasian daddies themselves come in a variety of shapes and sizes from men in decent shape to big-bellied bear types. Expect to find lots of silver, salt 'n' pepper hair or bald heads, and the men are a mix of furry bodies and smooth. The site films in both Buenos Aries and the United States, so not only will you hear Spanish, but you'll see plenty of uncut cocks.

For the most part the daddies are bottoms who enjoy not only sucking these big black cocks but taking them up the butt, too. But there are a handful of scenes where these daddies prefer to be on top. I found the chemistry between the men was exciting and didn't feel as though they were going through the motions. Most of the action here is in duos with plenty of blowjobs, rimming and ass fucking, but there are a dozen threeways with a couple of black guys spit roasting a daddy, even a couple of white daddies sharing a black dude.

Some of the sessions start off with an interview, others like to indulge in a little fantasy. Christian is an Argentinian daddy who was looking at Blacks on Daddies on his computer, then after closing his eyes and stroking his hard-on for a bit, the black stud he was watching is right there in front of him. Another video had a big-bellied black daddy refusing to let the parcel-delivery boy get away without feeling some daddy dick up his ass.

The set-up of Blacks on Daddies is different than most sites. There are regular membership options that let you stream as many of the videos as you'd like, but you can't download anything. For downloading, the site uses a system of credits that you buy in preset packages like 30 for $29.95. But not only can you use these to download the videos you want, but you can forego the monthly membership altogether and simply pay-per-view the videos that interest you. Which option will work for you depends on your preferences. Not sure? My suggestion would be to buy a monthly membership, watch everything and keep notes. If you like the unlimited streaming, you're good to go. If you'd prefer to save the videos, go back later with credits and download the ones you want to keep.

There are 117 videos on Blacks on Daddies, and you can stream them in three different quality levels, but the screen size stays the same - 752x502 (older) and 886x494 (newer). And these fared not too badly in full-screen mode, some better than others depending on the age of the video. If you use credits to download videos, there is a short trailer of each video you can watch, then the download will come in one of two sizes of MP4, either 852x480 (older) or 1280x720 (newer). Some of the videos feature men speaking Spanish, and the one I watched didn't have subtitles.

Each episode has a picture gallery, and I'm not sure if these are digital stills or very good screen grabs. Either way they display at 571x800 pixels in a pop-up viewer. There are 40 to 70 pictures in each gallery. Unfortunately, you can't save the pics individually, nor does the site offer downloadable zip files.

I did like the number of different ways the site helps you find more of what you like. The performer names are clickable, you can sort the movies by date added, title, most popular or editor's pick. There are some categories as well like "black dude fucks daddy," big cocks, uncut cocks, and threeways.

When we reviewed Blacks on Daddies in June 2010 there were 107 videos; in August 2014 there are only 117 videos. The episodes aren't dated, but we talked to the site owners, and we were told that the site is currently adding one video each month. There's no way to tell how regular those updates are without dates, however.

The other downside is the mixed viewing options. I don't like a membership that requires me to buy extra tokens to download videos. That makes me feel like I'm paying twice. I'd prefer a more expensive membership that included downloads. But you can get a membership and stream as many videos as you want, or you can forgo the membership and just use the credit system to pay as you go. And one nice thing about using their credit system to stream videos is that it does let you "stash" any video in the cloud, so you're able to stream it as many times as you want. This only costs around 3 tokens while downloading them costs 5 to 8 tokens. I guess it all depends on your set-up and what devices you use to watch porn.

I think Blacks on Daddies offers a good cross section of daddies. Whether you prefer a suave and debonair business man, a beefy muscle daddy, a dirty old man or a silver-haired grandpa, you'll find them here. And I particularly liked that although these daddies were usually two and sometimes three times older than there companions, that they were mostly bottoms. The site offers members 117 streaming videos, which you must pay to download, but they make good watching, and a new video is added monthly. There are lots of sites out there were older men fucking younger guys, but Blacks on Daddies is the only one I know of that focuses on older daddies with black studs.

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