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Reviewed by on 31 May 2011

63 score out of 100
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Bare Twinks puts the focus on 18 to 21 year old boys fucking without condoms. By browsing the first page, then clicking the NEXT PAGE and MODELS links, you can preview a good sized thumb of everything the member area currently has to offer (I checked), which means you'll have a good idea of what to expect in terms of models and action. The guys range from average to cute, and they're all smooth and slender. The site promises us downloadable high definition MP4's, WMV's and streaming HD Flash vids, but doesn't mention anything about updates or other features, and it's been a while since our last visit to the site, so I'm off to the member area to see what's new at Bare Twinks.

The member area is fairly easy to navigate, and it's more attractive than it was, too. There are links running across the top of the page, latest network news on the left, coming attractions and latest network updates on the right. The 4 most recent Bare Twinks updates are exactly a week apart, but then there's a 2 week gap followed by more weekly updates. The site currently offers 91 videos, which is 56 more than there were on our last visit 19 months ago. That's an average of an update about every one and a half weeks.

The Bare Twinks videos are offered as downloadable MP4's and WMV's, and also streaming MP4's. The largest of the 4 sizes of downloadable MP4's are shown at 1280x720 at over 3 Mbps, and the bigger of the 2 sizes of WMV's are 768x432 at about 2 Mbps.

The videos are mostly good quality, sharp and clear at their original size, and all of them including the oldest look better than they did on our last visit. The streaming videos are offered in 4 sizes of streaming MP4's, the best of which is shown at 1280x720 and looks pretty good. All the videos are DRM-free full scenes, and the smallest MP4's

Each video comes with a set of pics. Some of these sets are good amateur quality digital stills shown at around 667x1000 where others are better-than-average vidcaps shown at 1000x563. I think pic lovers will be pleased by most of the photos, which cover the action well. Each pic set can be browsed in a thumbnailed gallery, downloaded in a zipped file or enjoyed as a hands-free slideshow.

The performers here are mostly between 18 and 24, and there's a mix of amateurs and guys like Kyros Christian, Dillon Samuels and Krist Cummings, who are pretty well known when it comes to twink porn. The models range from cute to average in a boy-next-door way, and the action here is all hardcore and all bareback.

Bare Twinks members also get full access to Boy Crush, including videos, pics and a model index that lists models who appear in both sites. There's also 90 videos in the Feeds section, and a good amount are bareback. And there's a shared forum for Boy Crush and Bare Twinks that includes a section for suggestions, a technical support section and more. All in all, it's a good forum worth spending some time at.

Bare Twinks delivers twinks from pornstars to amateurs, all of whom can be seen barebacking in exclusive pics and videos. The site has grown, currently offering 91 videos and pic sets. The videos seem to have been remastered - they're good quality now, as well as downloadable and DRM-free. The smaller MP4's are also perfect for mobiles including iPhone and iPod Touch. The pics are mostly pretty good, too, and can be downloaded in zip files. And I think the extras are a definite plus. The bottom line - if you like to watch 18 to 24 year old boys suck cock and fuck without condoms, Bare Twinks delivers the goods!

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