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Reviewed by on 10 Jan 2011

55 score out of 100
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There are very few sites online who offer up Arabian men engaged in gay porn, and the videos at Arabian Dicks are hot. Most models are packing seriously large cocks, and they seem to be ready for anything. But there's more to the videos, too. Most of the movies have a fairy-tale feel to them - a modern man who suddenly finds himself in a beautiful room decorated with Persian carpets and wall hangings or plenty of scenes that seem to be from ancient tales. Of course, the ancient tales didn't include 3-way sex or deep anal penetration, but that makes this all the better. Ready to learn more? Then join me for a closer look!

The Arabian Dicks member home page starts off with the navigation links running across the top of the page. Some of these links are for the site, such as Calendar, Photos and Videos, and the rest are links to bonus sites and content, plus some things for sale.

The up and coming updates are listed, followed by recent updates, all listed with dates. A new photo set is added every 7 days, but it does not appear that the video section is growing. There are currently 19 videos, and each one is a scene from an Alexander Pictures Productions DVD, and there are 75 pic sets.

All the videos are offered in WMV format, and except for the 2 newest are sized at 480x360, although around 40 pixels of the height is black with a watermark. Quality is pretty good. The 2 newest videos are bigger and better, and offered in MP4 as well as WMV, both shown at 720x480 with a bitrate of a little over 2 Mbps. All the downloadable videos are DRM-free full scenes, and the streaming versions are offered at from 446x246 to 690x460 in 3-minute clips.

The Arabian Dicks photos are large and good quality, shown at 1000x1500 with good lighting. Some might find the pics just a very tiny bit oversharpened where others will like what they see like I did. There are 20 pics per gallery, and each features a well-hung and swarthy Arab man. The men are swarthy and often cocky, many having great bodies and large cocks, and they're shown off very well in the photo sets. Although there are no downloadable zip files, each set can be enjoyed as a hands-free slideshow and each pic can be right clicked and saved.

When it comes to extras, Arabian Dicks offers members access to 11 bonus sites, some of which are from the same network. You'll find those bonus sites listed in 2 different sections. There is also a gay story collection and 37 feeds that are mostly gay but there's a few tranny feeds mixed in.

My main issue with Arabian Dicks is that the video section has apparently stopped updating, although the tour states clearly "New video content added weekly", but photo sets continue to be added regularly. The tour also offersw photos in zip files, but that claim is not met. Also worth mentioning is the single pop-up you get when hitting back to exit the join page.

Arabian Dicks delivers hot guys in a scarce niche - Arab men - and currently offers members 19 downloadable videos and 75 picture sets. The pics are large and good quality, and the downloadable videos, mostly shown at 480x360, look good at their original size. The content features hot Arabian guys with thick cocks, and seems to be based on fantasy tales, which adds a exotic vibe. Although the pic section is updated weekly, the site hasn't added a new video in months; however there are plenty of cock sucking, ass fucking and Arabian cumshots, and there are bonus sites and feeds plus a gay story collection. Considering that there are very few Middle Eastern gay porn sites, if you don't mind smaller sites Arabian Dicks is worth checking out.

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