Wanked Off To A Gushing Cum Shot Wanked Off To A Gushing Cum Shot

I think we all have certain people we are jealous of because of their job. I know at least three people I would love to be just for a week, or even a day. Scott is one of those guys I would love to be, as long as it's a day of filming with a guy like Dimitry! He's the handsome and toned guy getting the kinky wanking treatment in this video from the Slow Teasing Hand Jobs site, tied down to the bed and unable to resist as masked Scott cuts his clothes away to get at his hot cock. Jerked to hardness, the restrained dude can't even cry out as his cock throbs and is left to strain with the urge to cum before being wanked again, taken to the point of cumming over and over without being allowed that sweet release... Eventually the prisoner is finally allowed to let out that jizz, splashing it from his cock with intense relief! Yep, I'd love to offer my wanking hand for a day, I'm definitely experienced enough lol

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