• After All These Years Who Is The Better Top?

    After All These Years Who Is The Better Top?

    Have you ever hooked up with a former lover? Is the sky blue? We all have. Especially with a lover where both parties are inexperienced. This is what happened to Tyler and Dominic. They had gone out together when they were both new to the gay scene. Fumbling their way through making out, and not knowing what was what. Fast forward a few years, and both men are now much more mature. Plus very experienced in the bedroom. Having perfected their love making skills.

    Dominic has excelled as a fantastic cock sucker. While Tyler has great technique when it comes to rimming. But both men want to know who is the better top after all these years? Tyler wins the coin toss and is up first. He pounds Dominic's ass hard. Fabulous topping technique. However Dominic is next to show off his pounding prowess. Tyler is flipped on his back and fucked with great enthusiasm. So which guy was the better top? You need to see the video for yourself to make that judgment.

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  • Wedding Caterer Dicks Tanned Twink

    Wedding Caterer Dicks Tanned Twink

    Davey Anthony is the wedding caterer, and he's in the kitchen when Jayden Ellis comes looking to sate his appetite of a different kind. Ever-obliging, Davey feeds the tanned, sexy twink, Jayden with his cock.

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  • Danny Invites Ben into His Bed

    Danny Invites Ben into His Bed

    Danny's parents are away for the weekend, so he invites cute, young Ben back from church back to his place for some beer and to play video games. Too tipsy to drive Ben back home, Danny strips off and gets into bed, suggesting Ben follows. The boys begin to get sexual and soon the choirboy has his dick inside Danny's tight twink hole.

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  • Webcam Model Auditions to Go Pro

    Webcam Model Auditions to Go Pro

    Gary's a cutie, even if he is str8. He's been doing the webcam thing for a while, and his twinkie good looks, ripped body and boyish smile brought him to the attention of The Casting Room, where he does his first shoot in front of a camera man. I think he does a great job of showing off his stuff, spreading his butt cheeks and jerking his yummy cock, and I hope he passed the audition.

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  • Helix Hot Tub Fun

    Helix Hot Tub Fun

    Connor Maguire is a handsome hunk, and he's also a regular at Helix Studios, which is handy since there's nothing he likes better than having a twink service his hard dick. Today Sasha Peterson is the lucky twink who takes on that fat cock, sucking it in the hot tub like he just can't get enough. Then Connor gives Sasha a rimjob, burying his face between those firm checks before he stands the twink up, bends him over and slides his raging hard-on deep in his ass!

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  • Straight Twink's First Time

    Straight Twink's First Time

    Just because you're straight doesn't mean you can't be a twink. Max Dawson's got a girlfriend, and he's never tried sex with a guy, but he's a slender, tempting cutie with a boyish face and a nice ass. Benjamin London loves nothing more than breaking in straighties, and he's been working on Max for a while. Well, today's the day - after enough alcohol, Max forgets his girl and the Video Boys cameras, and the guys do some serious sucking and fucking!

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  • Another Czech Boy Barebacks For Koruna

    Another Czech Boy Barebacks For Koruna

    Czech Hunter's prey continues to fulfil my fantasies of straight boys doing gay stuff for cash in the latest episode. Czech boy number 138 is amongst my favourite gay 4 pay twinks over on Czech Hunter's website. The unnamed boy has that innocent look going on, a nice slim body and a smooth little butt.

    With summer returning, Czech Hunter fancied a bit of outdoor action and set off in search of a boy on a sunny afternoon. Boy #138 was studying his note from school in the park. His relaxed, friendly demeanour allowed the hunter to worm his way into convincing him to do some outdoor cock sucking, taking it up his tight, twinky butt - bareback, and finish off with a hot facial cumshot!

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  • Fucking Downward-Bending Cocks And Finding The Sweet Spot

    Fucking Downward-Bending Cocks And Finding The Sweet Spot

    A downward-bending cock can be a bitch to fuck. I've played with a few that were so severely curved that I just didn't know what position would be best. A nice banana-curved dick follows the natural route inside you hole, but the downward hook is just a pain in the butt.

    Shane is a very cute Quebecois guy and he's just turned 18 years old. And he's just finished his first jack-off video over at Squirtz. Aside from being handsome, he's sporting some sexy face scruff and has a beautiful pair of lips. Forget about the rest of him, a really long kissing session would definitely be in order.

    Shane has tried bottoming, but he says that he doesn't like the feeling. He's got a thick, uncut cock, so it would be a shame to see it go to waste. But it is a bit of a bendy. Not as bad as I've seen, but still a little challenging. But Shane is also a patient top. "If a guy can't quite take it at the start, I try them in different positions until we find the sweet spot."

    For now, we'll have to be content watching him shooting his load of jizz on his smooth belly, but I'm betting that Squirtz's brother site Video Boys will be getting him to demonstrate how he and bottom find that sweet spot.

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  • 19 Year Old Tattooed Amateur

    19 Year Old Tattooed Amateur

    Lynwood is a 19 year old cutie with a super smile and some sexy tats. He decided to masturbate on video to make some money to pay the bills, and he's very open-minded, showing off his low hangers and big cock. What he didn't expect was that he'd end up getting his dick sucked for Straight Fraternity, and he's so horny by then that a warm mouth on his rod makes him to shoot his load!

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  • Max - Straight But Cute

    Max -  Straight But Cute

    Max is a cute straight guy with big brown eyes and boyish looks that would have made him the toast of the gay bars if only he'd stop fucking girls and try batting for the other team. He's also a very alt dude, with some interesting tattoos, and he had no trouble getting wood for the You Love Jack camera. Not only does Max stroke his cock on video, but he shows off that tight, virgin hole before shooting his load.