• Hung Skinny Twink With The Punk Haircut

    Hung Skinny Twink With The Punk Haircut

    Leon Lee is a skinny Hungarian punk twink that Bentley Race photographer Zac Frevo met earlier this year when he and Ben were in Munich for their summer vacation in Europe.

    Leo is 20 years old, skinny and has an unusual hairdo - according to Ben it's a striking punk blond quiff - plus the guy is blessed with a monster uncut cock! As this photo shoot starts, this well-endowed young man's boner is obvious in his skimpy undies - which are straining to keep things contained - and they simply can't handle all that tackle, as you can see when his cock's uncut head plops out from the side and into full view! Then we catch up with Leon as he's watching a porno on the TV; he reaches down and pulls the whole length of his uncut dick out of his underwear and starts jacking off. He obviously enjoys a bit of anal stimulation too, as he pushes a finger into his hole while he's stroking his monster cock. If you love skinny twinks with huge dicks, make sure you watch Leon's video right to the end to see - you will see him shoot a great load of cum right over his shoulders!

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  • Trending: Boyfriends Have First Threesome

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    This week's trending gallery is the threesome Jack Rayder and Lukas Grande have for Helix Studios. The cute boyfriend couple have their first threesome with Andy Taylor, who is quite clearly one of Helix Studio's most popular models right now, for obvious reasons! Watch the trailer above or see more trending galleries.

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  • Cute Guy Gets Blowjob From Twink In Specs

    Cute Guy Gets Blowjob From Twink In Specs

    Maxwell Marteau has previously hung out at Videoboys when he did a solo just over a year ago. Producers were surprised to get a return visit from the cutie as he was not open to getting a hug, let alone have a guy suck him off.

    That's the job of Benjamin London, the tanned twink with specs. He sucks Maxwell's big, uncut dick until he squirts his load onto that eager face.

  • Nick Fucked By Teacher Hunk: Most Viewed This Month

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    So, we're at the end of June and it's time to take a look at what floated your boat on GayDemon's gallery this month!

    Teach Twinks offered up a treat with cute Scout twink Nick giving his ass to his hunky teacher, taking his big cock while bent over the desk. Nick will be guaranteed a good grade with this performance.

    You can check out all our other trending galleries this month in the gallery section.

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  • Willam's Porn Debut and Jack Off Show

    Willam's Porn Debut and Jack Off Show

    When you look at him, at six feet four inches tall; not an ounce of fat anywhere; a well-defined, slightly hairy chest; and that look of maturity in his eyes ... you'd never guess that new Squirtz model Willam is only just 18 years of age!

    For as long as he can remember, he's been wanting to become a porn star and today his dream has finally cum true ... with so long to prepare, it's no surprise that he gives a mature and professional performance too! You'll really enjoy watching as he strips down, revealing that slim torso, those washboard abs and his rock-hard uncut cock. Then he gets down on his hands and knees and turns around and gives us a naughty, yet knowing look over his shoulder as his shows off his tight, smooth arsehole to the camera. Then he lies back on the sheets, takes his cock in hand and finally realises that life-long fantasy ... as he squirts his cum load all over his belly!

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  • Veiny Twinky Cock

    Veiny Twinky Cock

    Rob Jackson is a bi curious twink with a secret weapon. What is it? His cock! It is one big piece of man meat. But piece de resistance is the veins on his cock. When erect those veins are not only prominent, but look ripped. As if all those veins are about to explode out of his skin. That is how huge those veins are.

    While nice to look at, can this veiny cock perform? We'll soon find out as Rob begins to demo his dick. He rubs a healthy amount of spit on his cock to lube it up. He then begins to jacks off ever so slowly but sensually. Rubbing his cock up and down and back and forth over and over again. All the while putting more and more saliva on his dick to keep it nice and wet. For those who like cock shots, this video has tons of them. With the camera shooting extreme close-ups of this jack-off scene. Rob eventually shoots his load, and when he does it is huge. You have to see this cumshot for yourself, as it is sensational.

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  • Rise and Shine With Helix Boys' Morning Glory

    Rise and Shine With Helix Boys' Morning Glory

    Boys more beautiful than words can describe! Helix Studios paired smooth college twinks Andy Taylor and Lucas Owens in a romantic scene starting out with the cuties making out after waking up with morning glory. Both Andy and Lucas have a perfectly smooth body and hole. Lucas Owens takes the bottom role, letting Andy Taylor lick his stunning boy pussy in a marathon rimming adventure. Andy's perfect cock slides effortlessly into Lucas' now very accommodating ass and they fuck passionately with Lucas' willing hole raised to please.

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  • Twink Cums in His Own Face!

    Twink Cums in His Own Face!

    Conner Bradley shows why he was scouted by Jizz Addiction in this nasty shoot. This slender twink has a smooth body and ass and a nice hard dick, and he strokes his rod for us, fingers his hole and then shoots a big load of cum into his own mouth and all over his face!

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  • After All These Years Who Is The Better Top?

    After All These Years Who Is The Better Top?

    Have you ever hooked up with a former lover? Is the sky blue? We all have. Especially with a lover where both parties are inexperienced. This is what happened to Tyler and Dominic. They had gone out together when they were both new to the gay scene. Fumbling their way through making out, and not knowing what was what. Fast forward a few years, and both men are now much more mature. Plus very experienced in the bedroom. Having perfected their love making skills.

    Dominic has excelled as a fantastic cock sucker. While Tyler has great technique when it comes to rimming. But both men want to know who is the better top after all these years? Tyler wins the coin toss and is up first. He pounds Dominic's ass hard. Fabulous topping technique. However Dominic is next to show off his pounding prowess. Tyler is flipped on his back and fucked with great enthusiasm. So which guy was the better top? You need to see the video for yourself to make that judgment.

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  • Wedding Caterer Dicks Tanned Twink

    Wedding Caterer Dicks Tanned Twink

    Davey Anthony is the wedding caterer, and he's in the kitchen when Jayden Ellis comes looking to sate his appetite of a different kind. Ever-obliging, Davey feeds the tanned, sexy twink, Jayden with his cock.

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