Top #Selfies of the Week: Muscle Exposure Top #Selfies of the Week: Muscle Exposure

Cock's a muscle too, right? Then add it to the list of what these gym rats are showing off. It's only a matter of time before someone invents crotchless gym shorts.

Why wait to get home to start flashing cock?

With so many guys showing face in their nude selfies, we must've reached saturation at this point. Meaning every guy probably has a nude selfie doppelganger he could pin his own selfie too. 

"I swear it wasn't me, boss! It was that other guy online who looks exactly like me naked. Or what I would look like naked online if I did that kind of thing, which I totally don't, unless if you know that I do it will get me a raise or promotion or something?" 

Or just an old-fashioned "I'm going to get that stranger I sent my naked pics to who then turned around and posted them online for this! Totally his fault!"

Please everyone keep making these mistakes. I enjoy the results.

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