Top #Selifes of the Week: Look at My Dick Top #Selifes of the Week: Look at My Dick

That's right, look at it. It's what I'm doing right now, so you may as well join me. Let's all look at my dick. Let the whole damn world look at my fucking dick. Really zero in on it. Like when it's one of those solar eclipses that make the front page of half the newspapers in the world. The other half are busy writing about Kim Kardashian's ass. 

Now I want to write about her ass too. Here I go: "I don't care about Kim Kardashian's ass. I just want her to give me all her money and keep her ass to herself. Though I do see the convenience of having a built-in cushion, like if you're riding the bus and the seat is too hard." That's pretty much all I have to say about her ass.

Much more importantly, I'd like to thank this set of guys for exposing themselves to the world. It's what they want. It's what their dicks want (if dicks were able to think, and the totally can't). It's what the aliens living on the sun want. I should say our solar system's sun to be more specific. We're not the only solar system in our galaxy after all. Don't want to be narrow minded. 

Back to dick. I want all of it right now. But if I had to choose among this group, I'm going for the guy pulling down his shorts and the covers. Why?

He's already on his back and that's going to come in handy for what happens next, which I hope looks something like this naked craziness.

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