Top #Selfies of the Week: The One Top #Selfies of the Week: The One

Hey look, it's the one. The One. It's not just a movie with Jet Li anymore. Actually that's a pretty good movie. There are two of him or something. Good and evil and then stuff happens. I don't have much of a brain right now because all my brain's in my dick because look at this guy.

There's something perfect about a guy who wouldn't even notice me in real life. He's too busy noticing himself and other beefy 6'2" dudes. Or whatever the fuck height he is.

He's got the big three. Face. Body. Dick. And he only needs two of those to be a porn star. Any two. Though which two would affect what porn studio you film with.

So when a guy is long and thick when he's not fully hard, that's generally a good sign. If you're into dick that is. Long hard dick. On a jock body with a cute as hell face to match.

What sport do you think he plays? It's something. Not water polo. Those guys shave down. Maybe tonsil hockey? That means making out with tongues. It's a great sport, though not (officially) in the Olympics yet. What a travesty.

Seems he can't help but pay attention to his own body either. Needs to take pictures. Flex. Bone up. Touch himself everywhere.

What a guy. He's the one. The one that I want.

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