Top #Selfies of the Week: Yes Sir Top #Selfies of the Week: Yes Sir

Technically these guys aren't ordering me around demanding to be called sir but I'm being a hypothetical homosexual so just go with it. With great power comes great responsibility so on the other side of it, if a guy says "Suck my dick and call me sir" he's got to be prepared for the guy to suck his dick and call him sir. And he's got to make sure not to laugh when it happens.

Although who knows how funny "sir" would sound from a dick-stuffed mouth?

I kind of want to work retail so I can spy on guys who are taking selfies in the dressing room. Watching a guy through closed circuit camera while he takes a selfie would be mind (and load) blowing. As well as a total violation of ethics. But most retail doesn't pay a fair wage anyhow or give health benefits, so the guy spy benefit would have to do.

What I don't understand though is how you're supposed to ask for what you want sexually, really assert it. But if what you want is for a guy to make you call him sir and he hasn't of his own accord made you call him sir, is it still real if he then demands you call him sir? Is it any less real if you've talked about it, planned it, even pleaded for it?

I'm thinking it's just a different kind of real. Because maybe he didn't know who he could order around. And nobody wants to be rejected. Nothing is sillier than trying to be dominant and it just not working. Think Napoleon.

Still, we all need to remind ourselves that we can't really tell who's dominant just by appearance. Best to put yourself out there for what you want while being open to how it can play out.

Now I'm jonesing for a dominant guy to demand that I call him sir. While he says "sir" with a queeny lisp. That would be heaven. I think that's what Katie Holmes had to deal with from Tom Cruise on a daily basis. Eventually she fled. I wouldn't flee from these guys though. At least not until a minimum of 30 second after ejaculation (his and/or mine). I'm very caring.

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