Top #Selfies of the Week: The View from Above Top #Selfies of the Week: The View from Above

It's important to know your angles. Or just take 50 selfies and pick the best one. That works too.

Some of these guys could take 50 selfies and end up with 50 best ones. What a problem to have.

This is the time to remember that if you show off more in the summer, just strictly due to warmth (or vice versa for winter if you're below the equator), then showing off can be year round. Ass is seasonless.

Wasn't it Mark Twain who wrote "An ass for every season, a chicken in every garage, and four penises..."? He just trailed off there, not explaining what to do with the four penises. Guess he was distracted by four penises.

Do these guys manage to make to anywhere without being distracted by themselves? I'm find with that as long as I can watch them self-obsess, primp and pose. Or have a peak anyhow.

So find your angles. Find your light. And if you want a quick way to mimic a view from above, then invite a guy on top of you. I'm sure he'll enjoy the view.

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