Top #Selfies of the Week: Sexy as Fuck Top #Selfies of the Week: Sexy as Fuck

I give these guys 5 Sexy as Fucks on a scale of 5 Sexy as Fucks. Isn't that how People magazine rates movies? Starting with their review of 1982's Gandhi, which only got 2 Sexy as Fucks and some Oscars or something.

But what's the key to being sexy as fuck? I think it has something to do with perceiving oneself as such and carrying oneself that way. Feeling sexy as fuck and dressing (or undressing) to match. Knowing one is sexy as fuck and acting on it. Going to the gym like a second full-time job isn't enough. One must own it.

And that means some flaws too. Owning them. Even calling attention to them as badges of uniqueness. Like a freaky giant cock. What a total flaw! So heavy to carry around. Makes guys focus on that instead of your heart. But hell, if they weren't going to focus on your heart anyhow, may as well get some dick attention in the meantime.

Thus "I'm looking for Mr. Right, but I'll settle for Mr. Right Now." And the various permutations of that. But what happens when "right now" is even a smaller increment of time, when hookups are made at broadband speed. Right now becomes an even shorter increment and Mr. Right seems even further away.

So let's consider these snaps neither Mr. Right nor Mr. Right now for sure. Each man could be either. We all could be either at any given time. There's a scene in David Searching, a poorly distributed, rather clunky indie gay flick that's still worth it (Camryn Manheim!) in which two guys lock eyes in a park, while one of the guys is mid-trick. One is looking for Mr. Right. The other is in the midst of a Mr. Right Now. But maybe could become Mr. Right. Maybe.

The transformation from trick to husband is the sexiest fucking thing in the world. If that's what you're looking for. It can be hard to admit what you're looking for, especially if you don't have it. But let's admit it together. Whatever it is. Whoever it is.

I want a sexy as fuck husband.

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