Top #Selfies of the Week: Scruff FTW Top #Selfies of the Week: Scruff FTW

Ok FTW as in "for the win" is over but scruff totally isn't. I'm not talking about capital S Scruff the app because that thing doesn't need any more publicity. I mean the scruff as in on the face on preferably dreamy guys.

And a mostly smooth guy with facial hair can be a double win. It's a certain combination of genetics, testosterone and manscaping that makes the world go round. It's like casual but refined. Self-aware but unpretentious. Hip but dorky. Soft but scratchy.

Plus cocks.

Don't forget the cocks! I know how you sometimes forget cocks, like for two seconds, then you remember again. And again. Forty times. Forty cocks. Yep, you remember all right.

Now I'll say what we're all thinking. No, that's not John Stamos. He's too busy hawking bad for the environment, massive waste product Greek yogurt to pose naked in his car. Plus he has a crazy belly button so I know for sure it isn't him.

It may be that the others are naked pizza delivery guys. Which I'd totally pay for them to be. Minus the pizza.

In conclusions, this is a victory for scruff everywhere, but mostly for it on the face.

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