Top #Selfies of the Week: Picture Perfect Abs Top #Selfies of the Week: Picture Perfect Abs

Who's the genius who made "abs" just one letter different then "ass"? Because when I see tight abs, I think how it can give a guy really good control of his core while he humps, and pumps and jacks and all those things guys do. Core strength is so important. Wouldn't want a guy to strain his lower back while he's being a slut. That would be a shame. I'm very focused on slut health.

Abs in selfies are more likely to be genuine than those on the cover of one of those men's fitness/steroid rags. Photoshopping can certainly be part of the whole selfie game, but it's not 100% guaranteed to be Photoshopped like every magazine cover. Yes, they did go crazy and Photoshop abs on Ryan Reynolds' face on that cover. He looks better that way so no complaints from me.

"Your face looks like a six pack" is a fine compliment to a gym rat. Nothing goes better with abs than more abs.

And they are pretty hard to get. True ab visibility is that final step and requires seriously low body fat, especially for those lower ones to show. So plenty of guys have strong abs but you can't really see them super defined as they have a layer of bear on top. And that's really why they are such a point of pride for guys to show off. You are just not going to have those major abs without major work.

On some level though, I'd rather a guy make time for me over his abs. Or maybe, we can each have the best of both worlds. I can jack off while he does naked sit-ups. Hell, he can too! It's a win-win, cum-cum, abs-abs situation. Sign me up!

Want more? Check out some tight abs and tasty cocks in motion.

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