Top #Selfies of the Week: Pecs and Dicks Top #Selfies of the Week: Pecs and Dicks

Would you go to a restaurant famous for its pecs and dicks? Way better than fish and chips in my opinion, and nobody has to get hurt. Except maybe emotionally when the one night stand turns out to be an actual one night stand.

Who decided on the one night stand thing anyhow? Seems an arbitrary number. Because one is one but is still a number. If you had to have sex with someone twice and once wasn't an option, would you have sex with them once? I mean twice? Or would you need to know them better before you decided?

Or while you're busy asking question have they moved on to some other fella who doesn't think too hard about it?

I need to figure out the right question though. The question that gets a guy to spill his guts. Share what he actually wants. Share what he needs. And that question is definitely not something as simple as what do you need. Or what do you want.

It's more like asking are you open to being admired, open to being treated like a prince, or something like that.

You may take this moment to realize pecs and dicks make me all aflutter so I have no idea what I'd actually say except probably point and say pecs and dicks. 

By golly, that's it! Point and describe. No questions asked. Guys like being seen. I've cracked the code. Or not really but let's just pretend.

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