Top #Selfies of the Week: One Man Wins All Top #Selfies of the Week: One Man Wins All

He takes his position of exhibitionist honor with all six picture slots. Now when can I take my position of honor with all two of his slots?

If you're wondering about his workout, how he stays so lean, it's like that one where you walk around with ankle weights all the time. The extra pounds add to the caloric burn. Except by ankle weights I mean pounds of dick.

I'm really hoping for some invention that overlays dick size onto a guy's forehead. in some sort of overlay (of course just if the guy opted in).

Though since it does still count on self-reporting, it's going to be a nation of guy's with 8" on their forehead. 

Perhaps instead I can market a selfie-stick and embed my own camera into it. To get advance views. Now that would be spying, which doesn't so much meet an exhibitionist halfway as all the way. Rather they put out what they want when they want.

But I wouldn't mind a view of this particular guy as he posed, jacked and snapped. I hope he has a water resistant phone. Make that lube resistant.

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