Top #Selfies of the Week: Naked Guys Make Me Happy Top #Selfies of the Week: Naked Guys Make Me Happy

Happy may be too strong a word. Bemused? Eager? Philosophical? Agitated? Confused? Discombobulated? Recombobulated? Clumsy? Lazy?

Yeah all those things, which pretty much add up to happy. Or whatever its called when you stare at naked guys for prolonged periods of time, wondering who they are, what brought the to that moment of exposure. And most of all wondering if any of them think about it as hard as I do.

Yeah, it's a no on that one. But that's okay as their dicks can think for them.

Going to need to talk about the guy on the top left because he looks like he'll beat me up if I don't. That's one angry dick. Or is it a happy dick? Fuck adjectives. I want it. The guy put s the "kullfuc" in "skullfuck" (which while not a common expression, is nonetheless true). Because he would skullfuck so hard he'd break letters off words. He's make me moan without letters at all. Just guttural.

Ironically, I just misspelled guttural several times to the point I had to officially look it up. He really did fuck the letters out of me, in this case that tricky second u. Damn that "uh" sound. Could be any letter practically.

I think I get whey I'm not just simply happy seeing these pics. Because they bring out desire in me. But that moment each captures is 100% gone. That guy will never be that again. Though, promisingly, he would be a day older, more sexually experienced, maybe even more pent up and needy. 

Can someone timestamp these things? And GPS info would be good too. Well, a cocksucker can dream!

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