Top #Selfies of the Week: Muscle Studs Top #Selfies of the Week: Muscle Studs

Chest muscles. Arm muscles. Ab muscles. Leg muscles. Am I leaving anything out? Oh yeah, cock muscles. A bit harder to work out your cock at the gym. There's no bench press for cocks. But I bet one of those cable machines could be hooked up to the cock muscle and the guy could lift some weight just by getting hard.

Or set up one of these studs in a corner of the gym where he can stare at himself in the mirror. Attach a piston and wheel (I'm not mechanical but you get it) to his arm so while he strokes himself, the gym can capture the energy to create electricity. It's very green. Right up there with solar energy.

And by solar energy I mean guys outside in the sun jacking off naked. You're just not going to be able to name a place where I don't think guys should be jacking off naked. Muscle studs at least.

Well maybe Outback Steakhouse. I mean, being there is punishment enough. Seeing a guy with 4% body fat would make it tough to eat without guilt.

The big question is did these guys wait to take selfies until they were in the best shape of their life? From their own point of view. Or is it that the most popular ones are them at their finest. I'd like to see a progression ideally. Where getting more in shape leads to more exhibitionism and sexual self-obsession.

I just wouldn't want to marry one of these guys. I'd never get any time in front of the mirror. And when I did, it'd be pasted with his cum. Then I'd have to lick it off. And I'd forget to brush my teeth. It could lead to the heartbreak of gingivitis!

Muscle studs on my mind. That makes this a perfect opportunity to get off on Landon Conrad and Johnny V. If the preview makes you hard, imagine what the full scene will do.

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