Top #Selfies of the Week: Muscle Is as Muscle Does Top #Selfies of the Week: Muscle Is as Muscle Does

In this case, muscle is just standing there, which is fine. I mean, would it kill the muscle to notice my new outfit and what I've done with my hair? No, but one can only hope for so much.

Has there ever been a relationship between a muscle guy and a non-gym guy in which they don't get enough space away from each other? I figure working out a couple hours a day would help provide that balance. Plus the several hours of mirror time a day should cover the rest.

I may be in a relationship with several muscle men right now and not even know it because we've totally nailed the space issue proactively. 

Is there something like a personal trainer where you get to hang with a muscle guy but not actually know anything about bodybuilding or be able to spot him while lifting? But just pretty much stand there and watch while masturbating?

I think that's pretty much the slogan of Gold's Gym. Watch muscle guys work out while you masturbate. Where do I sign up?

Watch a muscle guy get milked. By a machine! Technology can be awesome. Though my refrigerator doesn't milk me at all. Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs had a fridge that dispenses ice cubes made of 100% semen. Or probably.

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