Top #Selfies of the Week: Man Vacation Top #Selfies of the Week: Man Vacation

Not a vacation from men. A vacation about men. So when you get a day off this summer (or call in sick because you need to jack off all day), it can totally be man-focused. Penis-focused. Whatever-focused you want. Because we all need a vacation sometimes from all that other stuff.

Maybe in that instant a guy takes a selfie and in that instant he shares it out, it's a vacation from his everyday persona. Though with some of these guys, their naked selfie self is more the "real" them than their dressed at work self. Who knows? Men are complicated.

Yeah, I know some folks say men aren't that complicated at all. Just some primal urges plus some aftershave and wingtips. Do people even still use aftershave? As for wingtips, I've seen wingtip-style sneakers and that's about it.

But men are complicated. Not super easy to get to know generally. Lot of layers, but often most of them hidden. Thinking they've figured it all out and hating being reminded that they haven't. 

Then just the whole thing where they forget how to put on pants or fully put on underwear so walk around or lay there with their dicks out. Actually that's a pretty simple one that I never want them to remember how to do. I'm more than happy for men to take a vacation from their pants and underwear. Even a mini-vacation. As long as they capture it on film every now and then for me to see. With my hungry eyes.

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