Top #Selfies of the Week: Male Flesh Parade Top #Selfies of the Week: Male Flesh Parade

There's currently no shortage of dick. Fifty years from now (or maybe sooner), when there's a drastic shortage of clean air and water and both will become commodities with profits going to mega-corporations, there will still be no shortage of dick. And no shortage of desire for dick. Meaning, you can look forward to a world where you pay for clean air and water with cock. Now why isn't this the lead story on the evening news?

So selfies are just a way to practice. Nobody will give away their dick in relationships anymore. Dicks will be pure commodity, pure barter. I think all this was in the dystopian novel by the younger Kardashian sisters. Yes, they had a dystopian novel they put their names on. I didn't read it, but I'm guessing it was about dick.

It is genuinely just a matter of time before mainstream entertainment goes completely pornographic. The Bachelor is close to it, though there's too much dialogue. I'm looking forward to putting on my immersion goggles and, with verbal commands, navigating to GayDemon (circa 2065). Though considering the way virtual reality is going, I may end up with cum in my eye. And as we all know from that classic Coco Peru scene in Trick: "It burns."

Because as futuristic as everything looks now, we're not yet in that era of flying cars and remote control butlers. But we have a glimpse of the future, because selfies will never go away. They'll just get 3D (where they seem to be there) or "Tactile-D" (where you can feel them) or "Double-D" (which brings your dick into the pic with his dick so they can interact).

Yes, while most futurists speculate about multiverses and black holes, I'm here to speculate on multiple orgasms and black holes.

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