Top #Selfies of the Week: Major Abs Top #Selfies of the Week: Major Abs

No, Major Abs is not a position in the military. Though it may be a side effect. But clearly, dick raises are a proven way to workout one's core.

That and crunches. As in dick in ass crunches. As in wow, your hole is so tight it's really practically crunching my dick but in the anal context that feels good.

Fucking someone is also a good workout, especially if you're holding a 10 pound weight in each hand while doing it.

By which I mean 10 pounds of dick in each hand. Isn't that why these guys work out so hard? Some survival of the fittest kind of sex contest. It's almost like people treat each other differently because of appearance!

This is when I wonder at what point would I choose to date someone younger than me for their body? Though older and in-shape is frankly more impressive.

Okay, eyes back to those bodies. Yep, right on them where they belong.

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