Top #Selfies of the Week: Look At Me, Fuckers Top #Selfies of the Week: Look At Me, Fuckers

Look at me is totally what all these scream. But what part of me? You've got your fully naked guy flashing it all. Then the guy naked but for a shirt (which somehow shows off his pecs even more).

Each of those shots is worth a few strokes at least. If only strokes could generate electricity we'd be set. Sometimes science museums have a bicycle hooked up to a lightbulb to prove the point of how much power it takes to even make a bulb light up a little. It's a lot of pedaling. And Ed Begley, Jr.'s house is totally carbon neutral. If he wants toast, he has to generate the power for the toaster. And yeah, bitch wants toast!

Plus since the recent climate change accord didn't have a carbon tax in it, so we're all screwed (in my humble, terrified opinion). Unless any of our readers run Exxon. Then you're fine. Even more reason for the rest of us to jerk off and just be in the moment.

So what other parts of me do these guys want us to look at? Well you've got a couple of pure dick out of fly shots. I adore those. A fly is totally a portable gloryhole, minus the anonymity. But if a guy is super focused on your cock, he won't notice your face anyhow, so that's kind of anonymous.

Then the I'm so fucking hot I don't even have to show my dick. And that guy's chest sure is. But the award for creativity is that pert little ass in the men's room, along with that knowing, scruffy face. He's wearing some badge necklace so is maybe at some concert. Because it's probably not a corporate seminar on pants. The guy is just not that into pants. He's totally out of pants. 

Now if I could only play the selfie shuffle and see the pert ass guy with his dick out of his fly. I guess that's up to him though. Selfies are about self-control after all.

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