Top #Selfies of the Week: Long Dick Studs Top #Selfies of the Week: Long Dick Studs

A tattooed guy sure stand out, doesn't he? Even in a sea of dicks. Which reminds me, I want to go swimming in a sea of dicks.

Long, hard dick. Thick, hard dicks. Long, thick hard dicks. Yeah, those are pretty much the combinations I can agree to. I want dick. Don't you?

Looking at porn is pretty surreal sometimes. Until you realize, those guys in the pics really do walk around everyday life fully or mostly dressed. And that's what they're hiding underneath. All that dick. Ready to fuck and squirt.

Have you heard about manspreading? No, it's not spreading a man's hole and pounding it. It's that thing where a guy on crowded public transportation spreads his legs wide and takes up multiple seats. Like his dick needs that much space. As someone who sat next to manspreaders on the elementary school bus (or at that point, boyspreaders), I ended up being the one with my thighs tight together. Clearly, that was a girlier way to sit but I didn't have a choice.

Meaning, the manspreaders are probably a bit less secure than then non-spreaders. Then there's the guys who cross their legs so they can press their dick with their thighs. All on public transport. Hey, covert masturbation is a good way to pass time until your stop, right?

Still maybe some of the big-dicked guys here need to manspread. I guess I can have sympathy for it. But I may need to see their dicks as proof. Guess I'll put together a Transit Dick Police uniform and start my inspections.

Now check out some tattooed fuck action.

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