Top #Selfies of the Week: Long and Thick and Yum Top #Selfies of the Week: Long and Thick and Yum

What the hell's a dick? No seriously, sometimes I don't get it. Pretty surreal thing sometimes if you think about it too hard. I realize I may be alone on that one. Wouldn't be the first time. But same is true if you say a certain word a dozen times and it just starts to sound strange. Like "orange" or "malcontent" or "feasible". Although "long, thick dick" has a nice ring to it.

A nice familiar ring.

I am pretty glad though that nudity is this taboo thing. Makes it way more interesting in my book. If folks were allowed to be naked everywhere, I'd miss out on seeing a guy's dick hanging out of his suit pants. And that would be a tragic miss.

Although theoretically everyone could be naked as hell whenever they wanted and maybe in the privacy of their own home, they could do something sexually radical like put clothes partway on. Though wearing clothes in public would be considered overly obscene. 

What would porn be like in that world? Hot, clothed guys eating soup? Shirted guys reading the newspaper? Guys in flannel and jeans waiting in line at the bank or buying lottery tickets or shopping for umbrellas? I just came in my pants thinking about it.

Time to do laundry naked I guess. It's a brave new world

So which of these dicks is your favorite? Or do you prefer the dick you can't see?

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