Top #Selfies of the Week: Jock Parade Top #Selfies of the Week: Jock Parade

Someone once told me there's a reason besides looking hot that people go to the gym, but I forgot what they said. Maybe diabetes prevention or something? Or looking hot while reducing risk of diabetes? Or just looking hot maybe?

Wait, looking hot is not the alternate reason besides looking hot that people go to the gym for. Clearly I'm flustered here and mixing prepositions and penises.

Now that Pride parade are winding down most places, it's time to think about jock parades. Sort of like what the washing machine enjoys when sweaty, dirty jocks bounce around inside it in the wash. But a people jock parade that;s not behind a door and has actual bodies inside (or next to) the jock.

Potentially the actual jocks cost less than a load of laundry. Free ideally. Though no guarantees that you won't have plenty of laundry to do after. Sheets, underwear, all that. Or at least wipe the cum off your face.

Which is one thing you rarely see at a pride parade. For all the shirtless folks, I've never seen someone with cum on their face. The closest would be a salt and pepper beard that's confusing from a distance. 

Or that time I was about to head out for the pride parade but 60 guys all came on my face so I missed the parade because that kind of thing occupies one's time. A lot to process. Plus it's tricky to do the walk of shame home after if you keep running into other guys who also end up cumming on your face.

In conclusion to this geniousness, I remain shocked that the built-in spellcheck here does not recognize the word cumming. I think GayDemon is going to have to give Merriam Webster, or whoever runs this dictionary, a stern call. Cumming is a word. A lovely aspirational word.

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